5 Simple Video Editing Apps That Will Make Your Content Shine

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Simply put, video is the alpha and omega of content marketing. Video content is at the top, growing in popularity as consumers shift away from open marketing to native advertising and influencer marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, video content will account for 55% of all Internet traffic this year, or 18 times more.


The future is clear: To stay relevant in today’s marketing landscape, businesses must be able to create their own stylish and beautiful videos to capture the attention of a largely mobile audience. But a lot of companies post choppy, unedited videos and don’t know how to make great content that looks professional and engaging.

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The good news is that there are tons of great video editing apps that can help businesses capitalize on this video intensive marketing trend to drive more followers and sales. Try out these apps which are almost all free or cheap, incredibly user-friendly, and simple enough that anyone can use them to create some truly intriguing video content:

1. Quik.

GoPro has long been known for its incredible footage, but editing those hours of reel from their indestructible cameras seems daunting. To everyone’s delight, GoPro has released a new video editing app that makes it a snap.

Quik does exactly what it says: edits mobile videos with speed. Very user-friendly, it is created especially for amateur editors who want to make professional videos almost effortlessly.

There are some very interesting features in this application, such as video edits automatically synchronized to the beat of the chosen soundtrack, automatic search for the best moments of the film, filters and transitions. If that’s not enough, Quik also creates self-edited highlight reels of the video you took in the same time period or location.

2. Splice.

Splice, a second video editing app acquired by GoPro in February, is aimed at more experienced video editors. It allows more complex editing like speed choices, voiceover narration, multiple mixes of audio tracks, sound effects and more filters, transitions and text options. A very good tool and it’s also free.

There are also some other amazing video editing options just released by other companies such as:

3. Videorama.

If you’re a fan of the successful Typorama app, you’ll love Videorama – in fact, you’ll probably love this magical app anyway. Videorama turns videos into a movie wonderland: it features explosion overlays, sound effects, weather effects, and more available as in-app purchases for $ 0.99. The app is not associated with any brand, so uploading to Facebook, Instagram, Vine and others is very easy.

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4. VivaVideo.

With a recently updated user interface, VivaVideo is like a better and faster mobile iMovie. This awesome video editor will create video slideshows from your photos, video photo collages, capture videos especially for Instagram and Vine and for a small in-app purchase it can also have HD capabilities.

5. Merged.

This app creates jaw-dropping double exposure images and videos with so little effort that you will be shocked. The incredibly simple user interface lets you upload videos and photos from your library, choose filters and double exposure levels, apply masking, change light and exposure levels, and so on. is played: double exposure videos that look like a million dollars. If you want truly unique and beautiful content, Fused is a great place to start.

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Hope you now realize that any excuses you used to not create video content for your business are now moot. These apps will make anyone a video editor with almost no effort, so give them a try and you will have amazing content before you know it.

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