5 things to look for in a videographer

Often times when a business is looking for a videographer or video production company, they are not sure where to start. Most likely, they’ll search the web and just pick the top of the list, or head to one of the biggest and most common mistakes – getting prices for their video recording needs and picking the ” cheapest ”(read: cheapest videographer), they can find and have no idea whether the videographer will record their videos with high-end equipment and years of experience or show up with an iPhone and tripod.

The misconception is that videography is a commodity like buying a gallon of milk when in reality it’s more like choosing a doctor where you want the best and most suitable for surgery.

Just like you wouldn’t choose an eye doctor out of school for a heart transplant, you might not want to choose a wedding video company for your corporate videos.

Most people have no idea how much precise planning, time, and actual work it takes to produce quality professional video from start to finish.

For every minute of a video that’s completed, between scripting, locating, filming, editing, designing graphics, animation, and choosing and inserting the right music, a video production company can spend many hours of work. This labor effort is time and the time required to do a video project correctly, with the proper equipment is reflected in the cost.

The best in most situations is not to go for the cheapest, nor necessarily the easiest to find (i.e. the one that is # 1 on Google), but to take the time to research a few videographers and their companies to find the one that works best for you and your business needs for a specific project. You can start by looking at the content on their website.

Often times, referrals from people who have done similar work to what you’re looking for are also a good start.

A video of your business is a reflection on your business. Your business is to a viewer what your video shows.

Tips for choosing a videographer

1. If a video production company looks very cheap, it’s probably because they don’t plan or know how to put the effort into making your job successful. You basically go “get what you pay for.

With the ease of buying decent video equipment today, anyone with a video camera can claim to be a videographer. They can have a winning personality and influence you with their sales pitch, but you need to be able to decipher between the professional and the part-time hobbyist.

As in any industry, you will find individuals and companies working there for the quick buck, doing it as a semi-hobby, or just starting out. When prices are lower than other estimates, you might want to dig deeper and find out what’s included and what’s not. Look for genuine customer reviews, previous video work, years of experience, equipment used, and more.

Experience matters. A business with no experience may well do a certain task. However, when faced with problems or changing demands that they have never faced before, they will not be able to cope.

Unfortunately, when it comes time to meet your demands, they will learn with your project and the results will often be disappointing.

2. If you meet or get in touch with the videographer to discuss your project, he should prioritize learning about your goals and be prepared to learn as much as possible about your business and the topic.

You will get a glimpse of their professionalism, the way they work and the equipment they use. They can also share their experience with ideas on how to make your project better than you imagined.

Most of the effort in a video project goes into planning, known as the pre-production phase. Inexperienced video companies don’t realize this. Without planning, they can shoot and find that the storyline isn’t working properly and that they can’t use everything they’ve shot.

If the videographer doesn’t show interest in your video goals, doesn’t mention the planning process, or says, “We’re just going to show up and shoot your video,” watch out!

3. A video production company should be able to show you examples of work they’ve done that are similar in concept to what you need for your project.

If they can show you a sample of their work that matches your vision that you love, then you are definitely on the right track. Keep in mind that maybe no one else has made a video exactly the way you’re looking for, so you’re looking for something with the look you want rather than an exact match.

4. The videographer should be able to provide a list of recent clients that you can speak with to find out more about their


If that’s not available, or even wondering what the available references are capable of telling you, this is a clear red flag. A professional videographer should strive to meet the needs of their clients and if there is any sign of dissatisfaction or mediocrity, the same is likely to happen to you.

5. You should feel very comfortable with the videographer and / or the video crew you will be working with.

As with any business, professional appearance, punctuality, manners, and customer service are key traits to consider when interacting with your videographer.

Video requirements can change as the process unfolds, and you want a videographer who shows they can be flexible in the face of the changes that are needed.

A good video production company will strive to make the experience simpler, stress-free, and enjoyable for you and your business. If you experience any personality traits, conflicts or a lack of interest in your needs, these will be amplified as the project progresses.


With all the video equipment available for everyone, it is easy for people to buy equipment, advertise, and pretend to be in the video business. Understanding your goals, planning properly, being professional, flexible and easy to work with, having done similar work successfully, having satisfied clients, and having the experience to resolve issues during your project are characteristics you should look for when choosing a company for your video project.

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