7 best YouTube video editing tools to create killer YouTube videos

Shooting a video is a task in itself, but editing and post-production is a whole other matter. The main factor of concern when it comes to post-production is the video editing tool. Here are some questions to consider when choosing the right video editing tool: what project are you working on, do you need simple video editing tools or high end complex tools, what are the platforms where you will be sharing your visual and video content, and what can you invest in your project in terms of time and money.

YouTube video editors are the most versatile tools that can be used to create and edit videos. They also allow you to share your videos across multiple platforms, reaching a larger audience, which could mean more sales or business.

Here is a list of the top seven YouTube video editors that you need to create killer YouTube videos.

1. ClipChamp

ClipChamp is one of the go-to YouTube video editor. It has a simple user interface which makes it easy to use for everyone. With good quality 480p resolution for a five minute video, you can either download videos you shot or use the webcam to shoot videos instantly. You can add your logos, edit text, and choose from a wide range of fonts and colors when using customizable video templates. Without the technical knowledge and hours of hard work, you can now create videos instantly with this program. Clipchamp is integrated with Facebook Video Ad Maker which you can use to create and track your ads.

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is popular video editing software. You can edit and post videos on the go and share them to any digital destination. Whether you have a story to tell, an audience to impress, or masses to impact, Adobe Spark lets you create the perfect videos from its theme library, saving you time and effort. Themes in the library come preloaded with features like fonts, animations, and color schemes, letting you choose the perfect template. One-click adding text and music makes your video content more engaging. Once your video is ready, you can download and share it various social media channels.

3. In video

InVideo is one of the most popular YouTube video editors. You can choose from thousands of templates available on InVideo to start creating awesome videos. These models are customizable according to your needs. Moreover, you can directly download the finished videos and share them on social media platforms in one go. The added benefit is that you can create videos in over 70 languages ​​without creating content from scratch. Using this YouTube Video Editor, you get exclusive access to millions of images, videos and audios that you can use in your video. You can also try out different effects to make your video punchy. With InVideo, you can create professional-quality videos effortlessly and without technical or professional expertise.

4. WeVideo

The highlight of WeVideo is that you can use the green screen option without the large sums of money that it demands. This cloud-based YouTube video editor gives you access to unlimited storage for your media and created content. There are several formats you can choose from to help you get the perfect video for your audience. By using the built-in stock content, you can save time and edit your videos without having to switch between apps or software. WeVideo YouTube video editor works on cloud storage which means you have unlimited storage to save and download all your creative and engaging videos without having to worry about space. Make your videos social – you can create and edit videos in multiple formats to quickly share them on various platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

5. Affordable

Biteable allows you to use various options to create the perfect video as per your requirement. You can also check out options like video merge, video resize, image to video converter, timeline creator and more to create awesome videos for your audience. This YouTube video editor allows you to easily choose animations synchronized with your concepts. You can also customize the colors to match your branding strategies. Whether you are in marketing, HR and operations, an agency or an individual, Biteable helps you create professional videos. You can create quick videos using the predefined templates as is or edit them as needed. From Facebook posts to promotions, ads to training, presentations and announcements, Biteable helps you create engaging and shareable videos.


iMovie is a popular and free classic YouTube video editor that helps you create high quality, engaging and shareable videos. With this software, you can create Hollywood-quality 4K videos with engaging intros, smooth transitions, and stunning filter selections. Since iMovies has a mobile version, you can create and edit videos on the go. iMovie is only supported on iOS devices, but the quality is definitely worth drooling over. iMovies offers you lots of creative and colorful filters, animated titles and credits. Completed videos can be shared directly to various social networks. If you have iOS devices, iMovie integrates well to give you a smooth user interface to help you effortlessly create and edit videos in minutes.

7. DaVinci Solve

If you aim high, this YouTube video editor has fantastic production mods that include high-end editing, flawless color corrections, studio-quality audio production, quirky visual effects, and smooth animations. The advantage of using DaVinci Resolve is that it is available on all operating systems, which means you can switch devices seamlessly without having to start from scratch. What makes it even more attractive is that it is a free YouTube editor and has no watermark for the videos you create or edit. The color gradient is impressive. It is also integrated with Fusion, which allows you to work with 2D and 3D workspaces.

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