A free video editor with all the essential features

Any of us can record videos – all you need is just a smartphone. And anyone can edit and improve them too – free programs in basic apps are not inferior to expensive commercial editors.

Video editing can be fun or distress for an online video producer. Much depends here on the tools used for processing, in particular – to adapt their level of sophistication to the skills of the user and the type of content he produces.

Every day at work, most professionals use premium video editing software. Often, however, my friends ask me for advice on how to edit videos easily and without breaking the bank. Exploring the terrain, it turned out that there are a lot of good free tools out there.

MiniTool MovieMaker

There is no better program for complete post-processing control in a video – besides the free one – than MiniTool MovieMaker. It contains very advanced features for editing and transparent videos. It is also highly regarded because of the high quality of the images created in it. Of course, it also allows basic editing and correction of raw video footage. In the program, in addition to the obvious functions, such as non-linear editing of complex video materials, their sound and the imposition of simple special effects, we will find answers to questions on how to refine the shot or clips for make them awesome.

Why MiniTool MovieMaker?

Although video processing programs differ in their level of complexity and available functions, almost all of them use a similar interface based on the so-called timeline, on which, at our discretion, we place the recorded materials – image and soundtrack.

At my first glance, the interface design differs from all popular free and paid video editing programs, MiniTool MovieMaker software is intuitive, and not all of the most important options are deeply hidden.

MiniTool MovieMaker is definitely one of the easiest programs for video editing. Despite this, it is enough to edit material like video guides, vlogs, and simple reviews. In the program, we will add small effects, transitions, subtitles to our videos and improve basic image properties such as contrast, saturation and brightness.


If you compare MiniTool MovieMaker with other free video editing tools, the editing options will leave many competitors far behind. The program has no restrictions for both export formats and with the permission of the processed video. Did I mention it’s completely free? As you learn the program, you get the impression that some activities are actually done more conveniently.

Lightweight but powerful

MiniTool MovieMaker provides basic possibilities for video editing – we can change video brightness, use some basic filters, browse, add soundtrack / subtitle, speed up / decelerate video. In short, here we will find everything that the average user needs. The program had just been updated to version 2.2 – at least for me – is much more stable than the previous version, which is still compatible with Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10. The program allows you to record in high quality (1080p).

Easy-to-access free templates

A full set of templates included in the program, suitable to meet most video template demands. Do you need to convert video to another format? The program will do this quickly and efficiently. You can create static image animations, add text, you can control the transparency of layers. Low configuration required when testing this program.

Multi-format support

When it comes to recording the video output, formats like WMV, AVI, MOV, MKV, MP4, F4V, TS, 3GP, MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF and MP3 are supported. The application also has the function of saving the target video for later playback on various devices – tablets, smartphones, consoles, etc. Specifically, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Smartphone. Nexus, Xbox one, Galaxy Note, PS4, and Sony TV devices. Moreover, you can decide the advanced settings of the output video and audio files – codecs, resolution ratio and bit rate.

MiniTool MovieMaker Review: A Free Video Editor with All the Basic Features Required

Convenient video editor

For some people, one of the most important information may be the fact that the template of some mobile apps also appeared on MiniTool MovieMaker dark theme support. To activate it just click on the Skin option and you can toggle between Dark skin and LightSkin.

MiniTool MovieMaker Review: A Free Video Editor with All the Basic Features Required

Try MiniTool MovieMaker instantly

MiniTool MovieMaker’s GUI is modern and sleek. MiniTool MovieMaker will also handle less advanced users intuitively. If you have any problems with the operation or operation of the program, you can click on the Manual option in the help menu. It leads to the manufacturer’s website and the FAQ section placed there, related to the program.

Editing is not complicated and everything can be done with drag and drop operations. After composing a video sequence, before exporting it, it is possible to pre-examine the effects of the work.

Unlike the huge amount of premium paid video editing programs, MiniTool MovieMaker gives you more than you expect. It really has no restrictions and it won’t disappoint you every step of the way.

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