Action! Check out this simple video editor on sale for $42

Video editing is usually not easy. Plenty of tools are supposed to put you in control, but those same programs won’t eliminate the incredibly tedious work that goes into the job. BeeCut takes things in a different direction, giving you full control while streamlining the editing process. It also doesn’t require ten years of editing experience and a director’s chair to operate. At present, nerdist readers can get a lifetime subscription to BeeCut Easy video editing software for $41.99, which is 57% off its regular price.

BeeCut is easy to use but still gives you plenty of options. Without training on other editing programs, you can trim your videos, split, merge or add all kinds of media. Plus, BeeCut helps you through the editing process, so you’ll start to notice it’s fun when you’re not stressed and struggling to make minor revisions. That’s why one user on G2 called it “easy way to edit videosin a 5 star review.


With BeeCut, you get creative control over your videos in every way. Add custom intros, text overlays and subtitles. You can choose from hundreds of subtitle fonts, so you’re not stuck in Times New Roman. BeeCut also gives you fun editing tools to add personality to your videos. Add transitions, overlays, filters, visual effects, music or other elements of your choice. You can even stabilize your video if you shake a bit while recording. This software lets you edit everything from schoolwork and recorded presentations to cool creative LEGO videos. and delicious desserts.

Start trimming, cutting and creating personalized videos. BeeCut Easy Video Editing Software: Lifetime Subscription is on sale for $41.99 (Reg. $99), but it won’t be 57% off forever.

Action!  Check out this simple video editor on sale for $42_2

BeeCut Easy Video Editing Software: Lifetime Subscription – $41.99

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