Adobe’s video editor can now intelligently remix and shorten music to perfectly fit a clip’s length

The music accompanying a video can often have as much impact as the images in the clips themselves, and to make it easier for editors to find the perfect track, AI-powered Adobe Sensei is now being used for a new tool Remix in Premiere Pro which can intelligently edit, remix and shorten tracks to perfectly match the length of a video.

The easiest way to find a piece of music that perfectly matches the tone and length of a video is to hire a composer to create a custom piece for you. But this is usually neither budgetary nor time-friendly. The alternative solution for editors is to adapt an existing piece of music to a project either by adjusting the timing of video clips to match the length of the music, fading the music earlier, changing the speed of the music, or by painstakingly cutting and cutting and remixing audio to shorten or lengthen it – solutions that don’t always meet deadlines, but make people happy.

The latest Adobe Premiere Pro update adds another option that should make everyone happy. Adobe simply calls it the Remix Tool, but what it does is far from simple. It allows editors to change the duration of a piece of music on an editing timeline, but instead of the track simply being cut abruptly, Adobe Sensei analyzes the music and imperceptibly edits and reassembles it so that the beginning and the end remain the same. , but the overall timing is changed.

What the Remix tool doesn’t do is intelligently base its edits on the content of the video footage. To compensate for this, the Remix Tool has a handful of settings an editor can play with, including the option to stretch or shorten a track and sliders that alter how the tool approaches slicing by sliced ​​and diced it performs automatically. This way, editors can experiment with several automatic remixes until they find one that perfectly matches the tone or action of the video footage.

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