Aesthetic Video Editor by UFOTO

Feeling creative for new videos? With aesthetic filters and artistic effects, Videap helps you make your videos beautiful.

Use Videap’s weekly updated customizable templates, or choose and combine the effect and filter, create the perfectly matched mood and make your video unique.


>> Aesthetic video
– separate effects and filters in each category, merge and make your video effect unique.

① Sparks
– Add a soft glow or starry shimmer
– For a bright and dreamy video atmosphere

– In the foreground as in the background, add 3D elements: butterflies, projection, bubbles…
– Perfectly match video figure curves with AI algorithm
– For a fantastic and surreal video atmosphere

③ Optics
– Add light effects: neon, x-scan, prism, streamer… and more waiting for your exploration
– Easy to create an imaginative light show

④ Visual
– Around the figure in the video add line art, cloned figure, flame and aurora and other stylish effects
– Perfect for videos with dance or other movements

⑤ Retro
– Add DVD, paper sheet and fisheye lens effects, nostagia, indie, monochrome filters
– For a retro vibe and texture that takes you back to the good old days

>> Templates and Presets
– New to video creation? Carefree! Videap offers you different video templates!
– Precisely designed and selected templates in various styles help you easily create your own aesthetic artwork.
– With Videap, create video anytime and anywhere with preset filters and effects.

>> Motion tracking
– AI-powered number entry: track and trace your movement with precision

>> Video editing
– Videap, a powerful and professional video editing application
– Crop, rotate, crop, trim…all the basic and advanced editing tools you need

>> Music
– Videap provides various genres of default background music
– OR choose from your own music library and import

>> User-friendly interface
– Reduce complications and inconveniences

Videap is a powerful video editor with many kinds of filters and aesthetic effects, helping you turn your bold thoughts and creative idea into unique and eye-catching video clips.

Download Videap now, create your own aesthetic video masterpiece, share it on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social platforms, decorate your profile page and impress everyone!

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