Apple is giving a ‘complete studio overhaul’ to budding videographer

Apple recently teamed up with YouTuber Jared Polin to deliver a “dream studio makeover” to inspiring young photographer/videographer Cam Blumberg.

Polin, who runs the Fro Knows Photo website, was able to capture the moment on film.

Apple Studio makeover for one lucky videographer

At the start of the video, Polin said that Apple contacted him to give an up-and-coming young director a “dream studio makeover.” Polin contacted a Philadelphia photographer named Zamani Feelings. Feelings is a photographer who helps young photographers discover their potential. Based on feedback from Feelings, Polin chose Blumberg for the Studio makeover.

Before delivering the Studio makeover, Polin asked Blumberg what kind of hardware he was using. The young photographer and videographer replied that the MacBook he uses was so small that he was unable to export new projects.

Wanting the whole experience to be a surprise, Polin asked Blumberg to come to Polin’s studio for a visit. It was there that the aspiring director learned what awaited him. Apple not only provided Blumberg with a new Mac Studio, but also a Studio Display, a 14-inch MacBook Pro with an M1 Max chip, an iPhone 13 Pro Max, a HomePod mini, a Magic Keyboard, a Magic Mouse and a Magic Pad tactile.

Additionally, Blumberg also received an Amaran P60C LED light panel and a 24TB G-RAID external storage system. “You shouldn’t fill up your hard drive anymore,” Polin joked.

Blumberg’s work can be found on Instagram. The aspiring director has pages for his two photography and videography. Currently, his work focuses on basketball players, including Kanye West’s Donda Academy, and top rookie Derek Lively.

Blumberg said that he begins branch out into music videos and aims to make a documentary.

With Apple currently experiencing numerous production issues, the video is a positive marketing strategy and an overall win for the company.

The new Mac Studio and Studio Display were released in March.

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