Best Video Editing Apps for Windows 11/10 of 2022

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About Best Video Editing Apps for Windows 11/10

You don’t have to be a good video editor to put your plans into action this year. But surprisingly, 90% of marketers and business owners still agree that video editing is a hugely complex field. They also outsource this and either spend four times the price or completely abandon the project of creating videos and additionally lose a valuable marketing tool. But what if there was an outlet where you could create online videos in minutes, even if you’ve never edited a video before? We’ve rounded up the best free, completely online video editing software for PC to help you create amazing videos quickly and easily.

Believe it or not, we also do a lot of video work here at Windows Central. As a media company, we need the best video editing tools in the industry. You also deserve the best, that’s why we’ve compiled the best video editors for Windows 11/10 available. Anyway, if you are a beginner who wants to test the waters before investing in expensive software. Or maybe you want studio-quality tools and effects without having to pay for expensive programs like Premiere Pro.

Check the List of Best Video Editing Apps for Windows 11/10

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro earns its status as the industry standard video editing software, thanks to its familiar non-linear editing interface, unparalleled ecosystem of tools, and powerful capabilities. Since our last preview of the massive app, it has added: the automatic cropping tool; improved HDR support; new text, graphics and audio tools; Performance improvement; and many other features.

Premiere Pro has an attractive and flexible interface. Home view lets you quickly access projects you’ve been working on, start new projects, or find Adobe clips. The program’s dark window puts your clips in the center of attention, and you can switch between workspaces for stitching, editing, color, effects, audio, and titles.

movie video editor

Movies is a simple video editor, but it has all the advanced tools you need. In fact, it’s a versatile video editor that every gamer should have. It contains screen recorder, voice recorder, voice changer, video converter, video resizer, slideshow maker and tons and tools you won’t find in other video editors.

They can record your computer screen with your voice in real time. Screen size can be adjusted. The best part is that there is no limitation on the length of the video; It can be as long as you need. Moreover, the movies have a real-time voice changer. Your voice can also be changed to the voice of an alien, robot, zombie or any other character in real time.

CyberLink Power Director

While it can be tricky to shape a mask perfectly, a feather option leaves little wiggle room. And if you want to mask a moving subject, you can skim through the clip and make adjustments. It is also possible, in the Ultimate version of PowerDirector, to use motion tracking skins.

PowerDirector allows precise control over the animation of video elements. Another improvement to this system, as of PowerDirector 19, is that there are now two types of Linear and Hold keyframes. Linear keyframes work because you’ve always set a certain parameter for your clip in two keyframes, and PowerDirector will automatically change the parameter at a constant rate between them.

Pictures from Microsoft

Microsoft Photos, the free photo viewer and editor included with Windows 10, offers competent image editing and photo enhancements as well as tools for organizing and editing videos, all in a touchscreen interface. You can tag images with drawings, add background music and 3D effects to videos, and search more easily with automatic object tagging.

The Photos interface is segmented into five main modes: Collection, Albums, People, Folders, and Video Editor. The collection organizes everything by date. Albums include both auto-created albums and albums you create yourself. Folders display images by file location.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare has tweaked its system to give users powerful new features to help it stay relevant in a market full of old and relatively new video editors clamoring to gain popularity and expand their customer base in the process.

This now brings us to Filmora X, Wondershare’s latest attempt to improve user experience while trying to attract a new user base. Wondershare Filmora X just like its predecessor also uses a basic user-friendly interface along with a huge library of titles, transitions, effects, animations and new advanced features.

open shot

It has built an arsenal of over 400 preset effects, you can add transitions, filters, titles to polish your videos without knowing contrast, saturation, hue or any other parameters. Also, there are pre-made animations that save your time and effort in case you don’t have your own animations.

OpenShot is useful, but it never prevents users from making advanced edits. You can create creative videos by adding 3D animations, overlays and green screen touches, etc. Built-in filters and transitions have been developed in more than 400 options, so you can create videos of any favorite genre.

Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate is great software that will help you create complex projects with impressive modern tools that do much of the complex work for you, helping you focus on your creative side. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is the big brother of Corel’s video editing software in its simplified version, VideoStudio Ultimate.

The Edit section is where you will spend most of your time. The interface is divided into three main parts, with the libraries on the left, the preview window on the right, and the timeline on the bottom. The library doubles as an editor where you can adjust a clip’s parameters or access tools like color correction.

HitFilm 15 Express

The recent HitFilm Express 15 update contains a variety of awesome new features. Things like WAV audio exports, a crop and pan/zoom effect, a GoPro FX reference effect, a color adjustment effect, and the powerful auto stabilizer all stood out as outstanding.

The user interface itself is feature-rich yet attractive, and is designed in the same style as many other video editing programs. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a timeline editor that allows you to overlay video and audio files. At the bottom left are the media, effects, commands, history, and text menus.

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