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About the Best YouTube Video Editing Tools for Mac

The preference for Macs for video editing seems to be largely due to the fact that nonlinear video editing on personal computers began with Macs, dating back to the Apple Macintosh II to be exact. This continues despite the fact that Windows systems have long offered more options when editing software and more opportunities to upgrade hardware, including processors, GPUs, memory, peripherals, and displays. tactile. Some Mac laptops featured a partial touchscreen known as the Touch Bar, which can be useful for certain video editing procedures, and you can use an iPad as a touchscreen device through the sidecar feature.

The basics of video editing, combining, trimming and splitting video clips and then outputting the result as a single file are available in the software here. But there’s so much more you can do with your video. inserting transitions between clips, text titles and subtitles, and fun effects are of unlimited variety. Picture in picture, motion tracking and chrome inlay are other support possibilities. And then there is the sound. Most Mac video editing apps let you add background music, voiceovers, and effects, and customize the audio for your clips.

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Apple’s Final Cut Pro

Use object tracking to add dynamic text or color correction to moving footage. Drag a title, graphic, or effect directly into the viewer to detect faces and other objects using powerful machine learning. With a simple click, analyze the movement of your target accelerated by Apple’s Neural Engine and instantly associate it with their movement.

Apply tracking data to other text and graphics to further enhance your work. With optimizations for Apple’s silicon and its modern Metal Engine, Final Cut Pro lets you edit more complex projects and work with larger frame sizes, higher frame rates, and more effects. , all at blazing speeds.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC

The Premiere Rush workspace is organized chronologically, from import to edit, left to right. Click the folder trash icon on the left of the window and the Project panel will open, containing all the media you have imported for editing. It displays each media file in 1:1 squares in the panel and has plenty of negative space in the left margin, keeping the workspace tidy that Adobe clearly aims for.

The timeline’s basic clip editing tools are located on the bottom right, which seems odd considering the rest of the editing tools are located on the right side of the window. Either way, from here you can add media to the timeline, split, duplicate, and delete clips. You can also control each video and audio track by clicking the Control Tracks button which opens a small window on the left side of the timeline with controls to lock, mute or hide specific tracks.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is an excellent video editing software that balances powerful features with an intuitive interface at an affordable price. It supports all modern video formats, as well as HD and 4K video editing and output. Although it has some issues with its social media integration options, it’s still a great editor, perfect for creating high-quality online videos.

It’s not a professional video editing suite, but most beginner and intermediate videographers looking to quickly and easily create shareable videos will be happy with the results. You probably don’t want to use it for editing a long movie, but for short video work it’s surprisingly cost-effective, with a good mix of easy-to-use features.

Adobe Premiere elements

The main photo editing program is attached to two utilities, the Start window and the Organizer, which usually happens before opening the editor itself. The Home window is not only your portal to Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, it also has some extremely useful features.

The Organizer app, as the name suggests, is where you import, group, tag, and output your photos. You don’t have to use it, but it does offer a lot of features that would otherwise clutter up the main editing app. Its powerful search, auto-select, and sharing tools can be useful additions to standard organizing tools.

CyberLink Power Director

CyberLink PowerDirector is intuitive (you’ll hear me say that word many times), fast, and surprisingly easy to use, but it doesn’t offer the same high-quality video editing tools that some of its competitors do. If saving time when creating your next home movie project is your priority, you’re exactly the kind of person PowerDirector was designed for.

Perfect for editing portable videos (such as high school graduations and birthday parties) or creating slideshows to show off family, PowerDirector does a great job of making the video editing process as painless as possible for kids. mobile users. all levels. However, if you’re striving to create a high-quality video for professional use, or if you’ve already taken the time to learn a more advanced video editing program, you’re probably better off sticking with competitors like Final Cut. Pro (Mac) or VEGAS. Professional (computing).

Apple iMovie

iMovie includes a variety of technical editing tools and new features to help you create fun home movies you’ll be proud to share with family and friends. Apply these filters to your movies to give them a grainy, illustrated effect, making them look like they were drawn by hand. While young filmmakers (we’re thinking teenagers) might find this feature charming, older filmmakers probably won’t try this trick more than once.

Apple does not share any data it collects about your use of iMovie with third parties and does not use it to inform advertising and marketing. This limits the amount of data you can collect from iMovie during the design process to ensure that no one can discern too much personal information from your iMovie usage behavior.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Each workspace is simply arranged in quadrants called panels. The Project panel is where you will import and organize your media, with videos, graphics or titles. The Source Monitor panel lets you preview the clips you’ve imported before dragging them onto your timeline for editing.

It’s much more flexible than viewing in the timeline, as it allows you to set in and out points before the timeline is imported. The Program Monitor panels allow you to view your project as it is currently in the editing process. The Timeline panel will then display a timeline view of your project, as this is where you will make edits and adjustments.

Blackmagic Da Vinci Resolution 17

Color grading has always been one of Resolve’s strengths, and the new HDR grading tools extend that. You can now create color wheels with custom gradation for specific tonal ranges, a color deformer that lets you adjust two parameters at once, and better mask-based specific gradation. Resolve’s color tools are complex and require technical expertise to master, but they’re the best available.

Resolve is designed for teams to collaborate on a project. Artists can now work simultaneously without interrupting each other’s work, so color, effect, and sound editing can begin before the editor locks the image. This useful time-saving feature was previously only available to Premium users, but is now included in the free version.

PowerDirector 365

In addition to typical NLE trappings like titles and transitions, CyberLink PowerDirector 365 provides quick and easy ways to produce more complex composite clips that will grab attention on your social media feed. The built-in Shutterstock browser in the subscription version of the app is great value for money and gives you a wider range of creative assets for your projects.

It’s worth noting that we’re looking at the Mac version of PowerDirector, which recently got a redesign to freshen up the workspace. It’s also worth noting that some of the features from the PC version haven’t carried over to the Mac incarnation yet, such as motion tracking tools. The combination of black and dark gray panels echoes the clean look of Apple’s iMovie and Final Cut Pro X interfaces.

hitfilm express

HitFilm Express offers great customization that lets you find what works for you and adapt it to the way you work on a particular project. Then it’s easy to go back and adapt it to the next edition you’re working on. GPU decoding for Intel and Nvidia users is a great addition that enables a very fast workflow.

HitFilm Express uses widely recognizable workflow processes for anyone who has ever used a timeline-based video editor. The key here is that there are many video tutorials available online that can not only help beginners get familiar with this tool, but also guide more experienced users to master HitFilm Express.

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