Couple hundreds after wedding videographer abruptly shuts down business


A Middlesex County couple are missing out on hundreds of dollars when their wedding videographer abruptly shut down the business.

“I’m in nine months and I have nothing. I have no videographer, no money back,” says bride-to-be Briana Martin.

The Dunellen resident says she was stunned when videographer Trevor Barnes Media Group announced it was closing.

“He never emailed any of us, nothing. He posted on Facebook and within minutes he deleted all social media so you couldn’t even find him if you didn’t see that message,” says Martin.

The Landing-based videographer released a long statement on his website stating that due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry, he was permanently closing his business and canceling all future bookings.

“As for deposits, we are absolutely unable to provide refunds,” Barnes wrote, adding that customers should contact their credit card companies.

Martin says she has now exhausted her $260 deposit and is waiting to hear from her credit card company.

“It’s not fair that he walks away with all our money. He didn’t do anything for us and just said, “Well, I don’t have the money to give you back, so I’m sorry, but that’s it,” Martin says.

Martin connected with other couples in the same position through a bridal Facebook group run by New Jersey Bride editor Molly Gregor.

Gregor says couples should always read reviews before booking and read contracts before signing. They should never pay a supplier months or years in advance and always use a credit card to pay the installments if possible.

“Another red flag is the cheapest, like the cheapest seller. I think what happened in this case with Trevor Barnes was that he was very popular because his price was very, very low and attracted a lot of couples,” says Gregor.

News 12 New Jersey reached out to Barnes by phone and email, but did not hear back.

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