CuttingRoom launches professional cloud-native video editor

CuttingRoom has announced the release of its SaaS browser-based video editing and publishing tool, designed as the world’s first cloud-native solution for professional editors in the broadcast and AV industries.

Given both the significant shifts in operational paradigms wrought by the pandemic and the growing demand for offsite, remote and distributed production – facilitated in large part by the rise of IP delivery – CuttingRoom seeks to meet the needs of video editors who must work on collaborative projects in disparate locations, while maintaining and improving the reliability, operational speed and quality associated with traditional editing suites.

Using an intuitive and highly functional user interface that incorporates all the elements expected of a source, sequence and timeline editing package, CuttingRoom also allows the integration of Adobe After Effects templates, as well as make it easier to find subtitles and manage metadata.

It also features an open, API-based architecture capable of integrating with leading MAM systems; including Vimond, Mimir, Iconik and Wolftech.

In terms of technical specifications, CuttingRoom can ingest both live and recorded video, still images and audio in a range of formats, which can be output in a variety of bitrates, aspect ratios and of containers.

Rendering is performed simultaneously, providing output quickly with consistent performance that is maintained under any load.

The founders of CuttingRoom – who draw on their experience as creators of video streaming provider Vimond – estimate that editing with CuttingRoom can be up to 25 times faster than traditional approaches, according to a statement released by the company. . Editing and rendering can be undertaken simultaneously, with outputs delivered anywhere in the world.

Capacity for simultaneous collaborative work which represents the unique proposition of CuttingRoom; with no practical limits on the number of concurrent users that can work on a project, no geographic or time zone limits, with absolute reliability guaranteed by built-in 24/7 redundancy, there is no tool more powerful, faster or more intuitive collaborative editing currently available for creative teams.


The resulting adoption of a range of leading media and entertainment companies around the world has seen major broadcast producers create and distribute stories faster, simultaneously in a variety of formats to multiple destinations, radically reducing their time to market, increasing their flexibility and lowering their Total Cost of Ownership.

“Editing professionals are overstretched; called upon to work with a variety of tools and manage a range of technical tasks that distract them from their primary purpose: delivering creative and engaging content. CuttingRoom doesn’t just streamline this, it makes it accessible from anywhere in the world, to anyone, working in whatever size groups they need. It grants the power of connectivity, which is more important than ever in broadcast and AV,” co-founder Glenn S. Pedersen said in a statement.

“With CuttingRoom, we finally offer a complete workflow. Editors have everything they need to work together, with all files, assets, and timelines centrally managed and simultaneously accessible. The result is the ability to deliver beautiful and consistent content in an editing environment that guarantees reliability, speed and consistency – with nothing more than a license, a browser and a 5 Mbps connection required. For remote and distributed post-production, there is no tool more flexible than CuttingRoom,” added co-founder Helge Høibraaten in the same statement.

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