Diamond Platnumz videographer launches music career after being laid off

On Wednesday, Lukamba held a press conference to announce his entry into the music industry amid reports that Chibu Dangote had been fired.

During the presser, the renowned videographer did not confirm or deny whether he was fired, but it is apparent that he was missing.

“Mimi hata niimbe mpaka koo lipasuke, nife nifuke siwezi kuzidi thamani ya Diamond wala siwezi kuwa star kumzidi Diamond Platnumz. Kwa thamani aliyonipa mimi na yote aliyonifanyia siwezi kumzidi kwa chochote.

“Kwahiyo mimi lazima mtaniona kwenye kazi zake, pale ninapohitajika kuonekana, kwa hapa Lukamba anahitaji nitaonekana na asipohitajika kuonena Lukamba basi hataonekana” Lukamba recounted.

The videographer-turned-singer also called on Tanzanian musicians to unite in order to compete with their Nigerian counterparts.

“Sio Kwamba mimi kufanya muziki inamaana kwamba nimeacha kufanya kazi yangu ya videographer, hapana. Nimefungua kampuni yangu na hivi karibuni nitaitambulisha kwa jamii,” remarked Lukamba.

He added that his exit from WCB Wasafi will give other upcoming photographers and videographers a chance to grow working with Diamond.

Lukamba will be the second official Chibu Dangote videographer to leave WCB Wasafi under unclear circumstances.

Kifesi leaves WCB Wasafi

In April 2018, Platnumz photographer Kifesi announced his exit from WCB Wasafi, on the grounds that he was going to start his own business.

“Today being a holy day and a day of worship for me, it is a day when I have decided to take a decision that will change my life. I have decided to stop working as a photographer of Diamond and employee of WCB I am leaving a job that many young people dream of but I see that my 4/5 years of work here are enough for me to give other young people a chance and I have decided to follow my heart.” he said.

Kifesi is one of the most sought after photographers and now he runs the ‘Kifesi Company Limited’ which deals with photography, film and video shoots.

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