Does the video show BioNTech CEO refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine?

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In April 2021, a video showing Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla saying he had not received a COVID-19 vaccine was widely circulated among anti-vaxxers on social media who claimed Bourla was refusing to take the vaccine despite the fact that he insisted that others receive it. While the video was real, it was several months old when it went viral. It showed Bourla in December 2020 saying he didn’t get the vaccine because he wasn’t eligible yet, not because he thought it was dangerous. Bourla said he received doses of the vaccine in February and March 2021.

In December 2021, a carbon copy of this rumor circulated on social media, but this time it featured BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin instead of Bourla.

Although this video is real, it was nearly a year old when it circulated in December 2021. Again, it shows Sahin, like Bourla, saying he didn’t take the vaccine because he didn’t. was not eligible at the time, not because of any security concerns. And again, Sahin, like Bourla, received the COVID-19 vaccine within months of this video being taken.

The video displayed above is from a December 2020 interview with German media outlet DW. At the time, COVID-19 the rollout of the vaccine was just beginning in Germany and only a few selected groups, such as the elderly, were eligible for vaccination. As Sahin was not qualified for the COVID-19 vaccination at the time, he told DW he was not “legally eligible” for the vaccine:

In the months since this video was taken, Sahin received both her COVID-19 vaccination and her booster shot. Sahin received his COVID-19 vaccine in January 2021. Sahin told the UK The temperature that he and his wife got vaccinated in part to encourage all of their employees to also get the vaccine:

“We received our vaccinations at the end of January this year… It was part of our campaign to vaccinate all our employees, to ensure that we did not have any infections that would slow down the pace of our work.”

A BioNTech spokesperson said Reuters that Sahin then received a booster shot.


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