Does the video show Chinese children wearing hazmat suits?

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In January 2022, a video purporting to show young school children in China wearing hazmat suits to protect them from COVID-19 was widely circulated on social media:

Some versions of this video have been accompanied by emotionally manipulative music to make this scene unbearably sad. This video, however, does not show children in hazmat suits. This video actually shows children in inflatable astronaut costumes.

Although we couldn’t find this specific video, we found several other videos showing children in the same costumes and probably in the same location. CGTN, the China Global Television Network, released a similar video on December 6, 2021, which showed children wearing inflatable spacesuits while participating in a school event. This video was preceded by a warning tag warning viewers of “cuteness overload”:

The costumes in both videos feature the same orange square (the Chinese flag) on ​​the back, the same red and blue tubes on the side, the same blue patch on the front, and the same patch on the shoulder.

In another video posted on Chinese social media site Weibo by the Education Bureau of Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang, children can be seen wearing these inflatable suits as they enter their school for the ” Opening Ceremony” of the 26th School Athletic Reunion which had the theme (loosely translated via Google) “Challenge, Transcendence, and Realize Dreams.” This the video was accompanied by the following caption:

The theme for this year’s school sports meeting is “Challenge, Transcend, and Achieve Dreams,” guiding teachers and students at the school to learn from Olympians and aerospace heroes. By constantly challenging and surpassing ourselves, we will achieve the dream of the sports field and the dream of life. Therefore, in the entry performance, many classes incorporate various aerospace elements. Under the blessing of model rockets and images of astronauts, let students experience the “spirit of space” vividly.


The athletics of the Ningbo Donghai Experimental School has temporarily become a “space launch base”, which not only makes teachers and students happy, but also allows children to dream of blue skies.


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