Does the video show Joe Biden falling asleep during a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister?

The nickname “Sleepy Joe” made a comeback on the internet in late August 2021, after videos went viral of US President Joe Biden allegedly falling asleep during a meeting. Biden was Meet with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on August 27, 2021, and soon after multiple media outlets claimed he was dozing off while Bennett spoke.

Iranian media claimed to have caught Biden “napping” in a video with Bennett. A BBC reporter reported that Iran’s Fars news agency said, “Having noticed Biden taking a nap… Bennett turned his attention to the cameras.” Others said Biden appeared to be “dozing off.”

In the shortened clip shared on social media, Biden’s eyes appear closed and his head is tilted as if sleeping, for about 20 seconds. In the full clip, he can be seen engaging with Bennett immediately before and after putting his head down.

In the full video of the interaction, which can be seen here on C-SPAN around 12:46 p.m., after Bennett finished speaking, Biden looked up and said, “Well, thank you […].” Clearly edited videos circulating on social media distort what happened at that meeting.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office posted the entire meeting on YouTube here:

the Meet took place between Biden and Bennett at the White House to discuss US-Israeli relations and Iran’s nuclear program. The meeting had been delayed one day because of death bombing raid at Kabul airport which resulted in the death of approximately 90 Afghan civilians. Biden declared that the meeting was intended to show “an unshakable partnership between our two nations”.

Since the video was clearly cut to misrepresent Biden’s actions at that particular moment, we call this claim “false.”

Another doctored video purporting to show Biden falling asleep during a public appearance went viral and was verified by Snopes almost exactly a year before this one.


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