Does this video show Muslims celebrating after the violence in Khargone? No, the viral claim is false!

A video showing a religious procession where some people brandish guns is going viral on social media. The video has gone viral amid recent violence in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh.

On April 10, a curfew was imposed in Khargone after an alleged incident of throwing stones at a passing Ram Navami procession. The rock-throwing incident led to arson and the burning of vehicles. The police imposed Article 144, which prohibited the gathering of people across the city. Police have arrested 121 people so far for their involvement in the violence.

To claim:

The viral video shows a religious procession passing through the crowded streets of a city. As people in the crowd celebrate the procession, some people can be seen waving weapons such as small knives and homemade guns.

The caption of the video reads: “This is Khargone, where a procession of Ram Navami was stoned for playing music outside a mosque. This is right outside a temple. Notice the man with a gun by hand.”

The caption links the incident depicted in the video to communal clashes in Khargone. It is alleged that the crowd celebrations took place in the aftermath of the violent clashes.

Swati Goel Sharma, journalist at Swarajyamag, shared this video and wrote: “This is Khargone, where a procession of Ram Navami was stoned for playing music outside a mosque. This is just happening in front of a temple. Notice the man with a gun in his hand.”

It is widely shared on social media with a similar claim.

Fact check:

The Logical Indian Fact Check team verified the virus claim and found it misleading. The viral video is from 2018.

We skimmed through the video and noticed the banner of a grocery store in the background. The name of the store read: Maa Hinglaj General and Provisions Store.

Another poster in the background identifies where the video was shot. At the bottom of the Ganesh Chowk banner, Khargaon is mentioned. This confirms that the video was shot in Khargone.

We did a keyword search with relevant keywords such as “Khargone” and “Religious Celebrations”. After browsing through several videos, we came across the following video uploaded by YT user Aamir Khan MP10.

The video titled “Muslim Julus in Front of Mandir》Ek bar me it jayga har bar ka jaghda《Khargone Muharram” is similar to the viral video. The title translates to “Muslim Julus in front of the Mandir: the conflict would be destroyed in this case alone”.

The video was uploaded on September 25, 2018, indicating that the viral video is not from the recent clashes in Khargone.

Taking inspiration from the background information of the video, we narrowed down the location where the video was shot to Jamindar Mohalla Ganesh Chowk, Madhya Pradesh 451001.

Within this location, the Hinglaj Mata Mandir Khargone is also located. We came across images of the location on Google Maps, which date back to 2018. The structures and layouts in the screenshot and the Google Maps images are from the same location.

Screenshot from the original video (Credit: Twitter)

Image of the temple from different angles (Credit: Google Maps)

Image of the temple from different angles (Credit: Google Maps)


The viral posts claim the video of a Muslim crowd celebrating in a religious procession, alleging it is from the recent Khargone incident. However, during our fact check, we found that the video dates back to at least September 2018. The video was shot at Jamindar Mohalla Ganesh Chowk, Madhya Pradesh 451001, located in Khargone. Therefore, the viral claim is false.

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