Easy Video Maker Clipchamp Joins Microsoft Family

The Brisbane start-up Clipchamp became Microsoft’s first Australian acquisition in over a decade. The in-browser video editor makes it easy for content creators, students, educators, small business owners, and anyone interested to create and share their stories via video.

With the size of the creators’ economy Estimated at over $ 100 billion, it’s no surprise that Clipchamp claims its 17 million creative users in 200 countries. And 390,000 notable companies like Microsoft, Google, Deloitte, Dell and Zendesk Inc. have joined the Clipchamp video editing community. It’s no secret that video is the main channel of communication for everyone.

Microsoft and Clipchamp give creators the ability to do something they love, with just a few clicks. Social media giants Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat recently launched their creative funds, making video more powerful than ever. Creators have access to ready-to-use video templates and a library full of royalty-free videos, images and music to help them quickly produce the ever-popular brand promotion and hashtag challenge videos. Traditional marketing methods must be phased out as creators find new ways to make money from social media video content.

There are more and more monetized opportunities with short videos that are exploding in popularity. Mark Zuckerberg announced $ 1 billion in investments to reward creators of content on Facebook and Instagram until 2022. With the aim of enabling creators to make a substantial living from social media content. Instagram and TikTok reels have also competed against each other for the most popular video marketing trends. Both platforms have similar functionality enabling creators, but have distinct differences when it comes to their target audiences. No matter what business, event, product or service influencers are promoting, video content on social media can generate leads and potentially increase sales in minutes.

Australian start-up Clipchamp isn’t the only easy-to-use authoring tool on the radar recently. Creators economy platform Patreon also tripled its valuation to $ 4 billion on funding of $ 155 million this year. Small-scale creative tool Spore is also raising $ 1 million in fundraising in hopes of improving a closer bond between creators and their fans. Demonstrate that video is the most popular form of entertainment and communication.

Video helps brands reach new audiences, provides the opportunity to tell a story, and is effective in building trust. More than half of the world is active on social networks. The startup reported its social media aspect ratio of 9:16, which suits Instagram, TikTok and Facebook Stories, the most popular ratio so far with a 140% increase. More 76% of users benefit from Clipchamp’s user-friendly interface rating of 4.6 stars.

Microsoft and Clipchamp are committed to empowering creators and businesses to effortlessly express their personalities and stories through video. It is said that Clipchamp continues to make video creation even easier, more accessible and more powerful. The acquisition of Microsoft is a remarkable opportunity for Brisbane’s online video publisher.

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