EFEKT Video Maker by Picsart by PicsArt, Inc.

Picsart’s EFEKT Video Maker is an innovative app that lets you create unique videos and photos with motion and sound feedback effects. Express yourself in compelling new ways and get noticed!

EFEKT takes your reality, as seen through your camera lens, and transforms it into something unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Start by selecting one of our effects for your photo, video or slow motion, and start taking photos. It is that simple! Shoot live or import your own videos, customize the effects according to your needs, export them in FULL HD and share them on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube.

New effects and features are added every month!

There is an effect for every style and personality.

Blabla: Words, words and more words.
Dream: a trippy, distorted and colorful gradient
Bubbles: funny bubble particles + a champagne mode
Glass: Looks like glass, EFEKTed glass;)
Spring: Lots of dots or squares or triangles
Rainbow: Our signature effect, because RGB is love
Spark: Steal shining magic particles
Flame: Dancing fire, burning desire
Interlace: Glitch yourself out of existence
Flow: Like a living oil painting
Wind: rotating and scaled rectangles, which rotate and scale: D
Dilate: trippy watercolor
Gif: What is the trend on GIPHY?
Shine: diffuse light in any color
Jelly: Smooth like jelly, is also available in RGB mode
Echo: Trace of you & you & you & you …
Dust: Melted to sand and ash
Move: Timewarp, sinks like water
Strings: fine stripes to perfection
Magic: twinkling stars, snowflakes and more
And more to come …

Customize each effect to add a personal touch to your videos and photos. Each effect has unique customization options to experience. Everything works in real time so you can play around with the controls even while you are recording.

Choose the Audio Reactive feature to make the effects react to the sound and create your own music video. Tap the little white circle in the center right of your phone screen and start talking or singing. Or play your favorite song and get lost in the dance. You can also import videos with music.

Human mode allows you to apply effects only to yourself, to the people around you, or to everything else except humans. Available only on iPhone Xs or later.

All effects can be masked with shapes to add a new dimension to your designs. Choose from stars, diamonds, hearts and more. All shapes can be reversed and transformed in any way.

Type any phrase that comes to your mind and end it with one of our fun fonts. Move your saying around until you are happy with its placement and movement.

Draw anything with your finger directly on the camera screen while shooting or on any part of your video and the effect will follow your finger in real time.

Gives you the option to layer multiple effects on top of each other. Please don’t go overboard!

Tag your videos and photos with #madewithefekt and we could feature them on our Instagram @ efekt.app.

How to use EFEKT Video Maker from Picsart:
– Shoot with the in-app camera or import videos
– Keep the camera as still as possible
– Adjust effects while recording
– Activate the sound and make your videos react to music
– Mask effects with shapes and text
– Draw anything and apply effects on your drawing
– Apply effects to people around you (human mode available on iPhone Xs or later)
– Combine multiple effects
– Save and / or share

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