Epic now owns Bink Video Maker RAD Game Tools

You may not know the name of RAD Game Tools by heart, but you are no doubt familiar with its work. This is a developer toolset that has been around since 1988, according to its website (which also appears to have been around since 1988), which claims “at least one of our products is built into almost every game it ships. today. We have appeared in over 24,600 games to date, and approximately 200 million end user units per year. “

I can’t attest to these numbers, but I can say it’s been around for a very long time: I have fond memories of using former Bink and Smacker players to watch in-game cutscenes from games like Diablo and MechWarrior. 2.

(Always the best.)

More than three decades after its founding in 1988, the company is now part of Epic Games, which today announced plans to integrate the company’s technology into its Unreal Engine.

“We know firsthand how impressive RAD’s compression technology is, having used it to improve the load times and quality of our most popular games, including Fortnite,” said CTO of Epic Kim Libreri. “The RAD team includes some of the world’s leading experts in compression, video and game development tools, and we are delighted to welcome them to the Epic family.

Epic said the partnership “will give even more developers access to tools that speed up the uploading and downloading of their games, and provide their players with a better and better video and gaming experience.” But he also stressed that RAD Game Tools will continue to support its existing partnerships in the gaming, film and television industries, and that its technology will remain available to other companies, including those that do not use the Unreal Engine.

“Our work with Epic dates back decades, and joining forces is a natural next step given our alignment to products, mission and culture. We both believe that strong technologies enable developers to create great experiences. , performant and reliable, ”RAD Game Tools said Founder and CEO Jeff Roberts.

In case you missed it, Epic also recently bought a mega-mall.

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