Erie videographer pursues his dream of making movies

Mike Golab, 35, is an Erie resident determined to turn his passion for movies into reality with his company Xhibit One Productions. Playing the cameraman behind commercials, short films and music videos, the entrepreneur hopes to reach new heights by learning every lesson to become an all-time videographer.

1. You started as a photographer and blogger on your own website, How was the transition from still photography to videography?

It’s funny. I first bought a camera in 2018; it was to film a podcast that I wanted to start. I didn’t really start podcasting until a few years later, but one day I pulled out the camera to take pictures. They were horrible, but I had fun. Later I decided to try the videos and loved it even more. I feel like I have more control over my creativity and my storytelling through the film.

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2. How does Xhibit One Productions create its own track? What do you do to establish your work and stand out?

While there are so many videographers and filmmakers – now more than ever – we don’t try to compare ourselves to other companies. We focus solely on our own style and routine, and aim to give our clients the best possible experience while helping them create content for their business in a way that enables engagement with their audience.

3. Although making films is the ultimate goal, you have also shot music videos, which, you admitted, is not your main job. Do you approach them the same way you approach your other work and film ideas?

I try to create all my content cinematically; allow viewers to feel as if they are experiencing a real life experience through the lens. Although music videos aren’t necessarily my niche, I still have fun being creative and collaborating with other talent.

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4. You are currently writing your first film which you will also direct and shoot. What inspired this company and what details can you give our readers about it?

My relationship with God is really important to me. One of my gifts is to educate and inspire others. The title of the film is called “Next Man Up”. It’s a drama film about a high school wrestler who struggled with school and faced issues at home and in his personal life. Wrestling has made him a better person by overcoming so much adversity. I’m telling this story because the majority of what happens in this movie happened with me as a high school wrestler.

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5. Being an entrepreneurial videographer can often bring obstacles. How is Xhibit One Productions moving through it all?

Only one direction to move, and that’s forward. It’s hard, especially just getting into 3rd grade. But this is the point where we succeed or not. We plan to do. We do this by learning from our mistakes and learning from others. I learned so much from those at Radius CoWork, Paramount Pursuit and so many others.

Xhibit One Productions can be contacted at and on Facebook like Xhibit One Productions.

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