Expedition Files, 15-minute tense video show that led to police shooting a man | Local News

Henley, who was carrying a bat, allegedly punched Peron three times, once with his radio mic off his shoulder, once in his hand and once in the forearm, according to Burton.

Henley “was about to hit her, like in a baseball stance, and that’s when Karl (Schultz) fired two shots,” Burton said.

A bullet hit Henley in the abdomen. He remains at the Erie County Medical Center where he was arraigned virtually Tuesday for assault and firearms. Henley supporters blasted Erie County District Attorney John Flynn for filing a lawsuit against Henley and called on Flynn, Mayor Byron Brown and Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood to resign.

Schultz and Peron were put on administrative leave, which is standard department protocol following such an incident.

Burton noted that none of the police at the scene had tasers, which could have been an alternative to shooting.

“The absence of a Taser does not change whether the use of lethal force by Officer Schultz was justified,” said Burton. “But in that case it would have been a good option.… Even blocks before it would have been a good option.”

Edwin Warnes, a photographer from Blasdell, was downtown this afternoon looking for an art installation that was in progress when he got lost and found himself on Genesee Street, he said. told The News in a telephone interview.

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