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They say it’s best to manifest what you want. Living by this code, Demario Hinds went from a dreamer to a photographic director. He sees more than a pretty face and flaunts his portrait with unique, dark art, while aiming to make a successful transition into filmmaking.

“I never get tired of faces, but I like to bring out a darker expression, which references the look of certain movies that I enjoy,” he said. Living. “I love that film creates a look that can’t be replicated on a digital camera. And unlike capturing stills, shooting film changed my process to a slower pace,” a- he added.

His creative journey began in 2016. The photographer vividly remembers his father asking him to take a picture of a banana tree that was growing in the garden. In his first dab into the visual art form, he was already focusing on exploring atypical angles and adjusting settings, while capturing the subject in its natural habitat. This soon became common practice, and what drove him to pursue his passion for photography.

“I decided to move forward with my skills in a professional way because I really like the feeling of creating and bringing out a look that people haven’t seen for themselves. Understanding that I can be placed outside of my comfort zone, there were times when I was unsure of my abilities. Within that transition came growth; acquaint yourself with the unknown and learn from your mistakes,” he explained. HIND$ didn’t take long to see the light of day.

“If there were three words I could use to describe my work, it would be: cinematic, whimsical and urban. My images encapsulate a moody, grime look in a cinematic way. And it’s a great feeling that your work is recognized by the general public,” he noted. When it comes to his videography side, Hinds has always admired 90s condom films, and that modus operandi plays a vital role in his shooting style and aesthetics.


Since he embarked on this journey nearly five years ago, he has already noticed his strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s composing the shots or taking the time to capture the footage, he can confidently say that when it comes to footage, he’s a quick editor. But the creative is also a perfectionist, and self-doubt has a way of creeping into space, so he just lets his work speak for itself. “Photography has [its] stockings and rewards. My ideology and mindset in creation is that if I make a mistake, I learn what not to do and I get over it,” he explained.

A big fan of natural light, it has become second nature for the photographer to work in these surroundings, but he enjoys studio sessions because of the controlled lighting. “My favorite photo shoot of all time was a collaboration between shoe designer/artist JOSH CREATIONZ and designer, Nathan Sin. I used the red lighting color for this shoot and loved how the footage turned out,” he added.

One of the biggest misconceptions he has encountered concerns the value that clients place on photographic work. “People think equipment is cheap and labor is cheaper. For me, it has a lot to do with quality, and I would like the general public to understand that. As for his camera of choice, he lets Living know that he has no prejudice, sharing that he is competent with the biggest brands, like Nikon, Canon and Sony.

Additionally, Hinds has nothing but respect and admiration for others in his field who are doing great things with their craft: “I have respect for a number of creatives in Jamaica; ShotbyDeth, Whosrila, Phvrxoah and Davy Fresh are just a few.

Her advice to anyone looking to get into this field is to use the tools available, learn the basics, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. See more of his work on Instagram: @_hinds

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