Future hip-hop artist and videographer Poeboy KP forms his own creative identity

Ufuture videographer and hip hop music artist Poeboy KP delivers some of the best success stories and influences young people to pursue their dreams. An accomplished videographer in the hip hop film industry, he now offers a captivating soundscape with songs such as “Fucc A Ticket”, “Am I The One” and “Over And Over”.

DMR: Do you feel that you have a natural emotional connection to hip hop and rap?

Rep: Yes, I have always felt that hip hop and rap were a part of me since I was a child. It helps me relieve stress, anger, and anxiety all at the same time.

DMR: Did you have a fondness for music from an early age?

Rep: I had a fondness for music at the age of 13. My older brother used to rap with his friends and once I got the hang of it I started rapping too. It became a daily routine as I rapped in classrooms and school hallways in front of my friends.

DMR: You started out as a videographer. What influenced or inspired you to choose this career path?

Rep: As a child, I always wanted to see myself on television. I knew if I was going to make music I needed visuals to go with it. I am using to make videos with a samsung galaxy phone. Once I made enough money, I bought my first camera. I learned to film on my own and also learned a lot from other videographers on YouTube. I got so good at it and decided to own Ice Breaking Films LLC.

DMR: Are there any advantages to being a music artist and videographer?

Rep: Yes, there are so many advantages. I can record my own videos freely. The fans also know me for my work of both talents.

DMR: You are an exemplary figure for young people who want to succeed on their own. What is your advice for them?

Rep: If you want to be successful, keep pushing your dreams and never give up. Always find ways to improve your craft in your spare time. Study and learn from people who inspire you.

DMR: Do you feel that a song and its music video are related to each other beyond mere visual recreation?

Rep: I still think a song and its music video are related. A video brings the song to life and makes it more interesting to listen to and watch.

DMR: Do you direct and create your own music videos?

Rep: I have sometimes directed and created my own videos. I find it easier to hire to be a director when it’s a lot of things that I want to do. The directors help me find the resources and make sure I’m fully focused on being inside the video as an artist.

DMR: Do you think social networks and online platforms give new talent the right prospects?

Rep: Yes, social media and online platforms help tremendously. It allows you to promote your talents and share them with the world.

DMR: What are the initial and subsequent difficulties of a career in the music industry?

Rep: In the music industry, you’ll want to give up if you feel like nothing is working. You need to have a positive mindset and expect to be successful in the music industry. Later struggles will come from people who knew you before your career. There will be a lot of hate and jealousy as you start to market yourself in the music industry.

DMR: Are you looking forward to collaborating with other artists?

Rep: Yes, I look forward to collaborating with artists such as; Boosie Badazz, Kevin Gates, Lil ‘Wayne, Drake and Future.

DMR: What do you think is your advantage as a musical artist due to your professional experience in videography?

Rep: The advantage would be that I could create my own visual every day with my own material. I don’t need to rely on other videographers or filming companies because I have my own.

DMR: What are your plans for the future with regard to your career?

Rep: My future plan is to broadcast Ice Breaking Films LLC nationwide. I want to bring other visions of artists to life, no matter the genre. I intend to continue working hard to become an entrepreneur and successful music artist around the world.

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