George Floyd’s videographer wins Pulitzer recognition

Please note: the special recognition given to the Pulitzer Prizes announced today at Darnella Frazier, whose video of the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department set off shockwaves that still continue.

I wrote earlier that it seemed like a good idea to honor Frazier, just like a re-examination of what exactly it means to be a journalist or a media outlet in an increasingly digital world.

All winners and finalists here. They are a mix of the usual suspects and other sources. Example of audio report:

The “No Compromise” podcast examined a group of American right-wing activists with extremely pro-gun views and a growing number of social media followers.

I wish that Judge Mackie Pierce would take a look, as I suggested in my previous article on Frazier. The world of reporting is more than newspapers and TV stations, despite what it ruled in an ongoing libel case against an Arkansas blogger who unmistakably uses conventional reporting tools and a website to make take into account the problems of public schools. (That doesn’t mean she’s immune to defamation lawsuits, but she should be granted journalists privileges under Arkansas law.)

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