Google Photos’ New Advanced Video Editor Starts Rolling Out

Update 1 (4/13/2021 at 11:08 p.m. ET): The new video editor UI in Google Photos has been rolled out widely to users. Click here for more information. The article, as published on March 10, 2021, is kept below.

Google announced that it was working on adding a new video editor to Google Photos last month. At the time, the company detailed almost all of its features and revealed that it would offer over 30 advanced controls to help users edit their videos in the app. While Google didn’t share an exact release schedule for the new video editor at the time, it’s now started popping up for some users.

The deployment was first spotted by Andrew C (@ AndrewClarkin57) on Twitter and, as you can see in the attached video, the new video editor seems to have all the features that Google introduced last month. In case you missed our previous coverage, Google Photos’ new video editor comes with a ton of new tools. These include tools to help you crop videos, change perspective, stabilize video, and apply filters. It also includes several adjustment settings that will allow you to change the brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth of videos.

To use the new video editor, all you need to do is press the Edit button. This should bring up the new editing UI if you have already received the update. The new editing user interface includes a few tabs to help you crop, adjust, and add filters to your video. It has an additional tab titled “More” which includes a markup tool.

The Crop tab includes various aspect ratio presets to help you crop the video, as well as a “Free” option for custom cropping. It also has two additional buttons that will allow you to rotate the video and change perspective, as well as a reset button to undo any changes. The Adjust tab includes tools for modifying brightness, contrast, white point, highlights, shadows, black point, saturation, warmth, hue, and skin tone. Finally, the Filters tab has a bunch of predefined filters that you can apply to your video to give it a cool effect.

As mentioned earlier, the new Google Photos video editor is only available to certain users at the moment. It was not available on any of our devices, even with the latest version of the app. This leads us to believe that Google could deploy it via a server-side update. While we can’t confirm exactly when it will appear on your device, we expect to see a wider rollout in the coming days.

Update 1: Widely Deployed

In February, Google unveiled a new video editor in the Google Photos app that added a lot of new features, including tools to crop, crop, adjust colors, apply a filter, and more. After a limited rollout of the feature began in March, the new video editor UI is now widely rolled out to Android app users. When you access the video editor for the first time with the new editor enabled, you will see a welcome screen that informs you of any new tools for you to try.

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