HitPaw Video Editor: Want to improve your videos? You are in the right place !

NEW YORK, NY, October 12, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – To meet the needs of people to share their lives with videos on social media, HitPaw proudly announced the launch of its brand new software – HitPaw Video Editor. HitPaw Video Editor emphasizes the convenience that makes it easy for all creators to edit their videos, regardless of skill level, by providing their easy-to-learn tools with a clean user interface.

Want to know more about its features? Let’s get started!

1. Edit videos easily and quickly

HitPaw Video Editor allows you to do almost any video editing job like split video, rotate and zoom, change video speed, split video and audio, etc. What’s more, unlimited tracks in the timeline let you create stunning videos as you want and connected elements improve your editing efficiency.

2. Resourceful audio library

After uploading the file, users can add audio file to their videos. In this section, the clock, camera sound, etc. can be found in Normal mode. To help those who want their videos to be less boring, HitPaw Video Editor offers other audios. For example, the strange zombies in Effects; The barking and thunder of the dog in Nature as well as the BGM section, all of which are alive and practical.

3. Various text modes

To avoid awkward text mode, HitPaw video editor adds wordart types for users to choose from. After choosing the one you like, you might want to make some other changes. Hence, the color, font, size setting, bold text, etc. are at your disposal. The highlight here is that users can adjust the character space by dragging the button or just entering a number.

4. Creative stickers

Nowadays, stickers have become a part of our life which embellished our photos or videos. In view of this, HitPaw video editor provides types of creative stickers available for people with different needs. For example, the stickers in 3D Elements and Clip Art are such cute and versatile stickers that can make your file even more distinctive.

5. Multifunctional transition effect

The transition effect in editor contains such modes which can meet the needs of users when they want to merge videos or change the invariable frame with smoother and more unexpected effect. To name a few, to erase or cover something up, you might need the tiles in Effect. To show your slides, you may need the curl or swap page in the slideshow.

6. Miscellaneous filters
Filters are now familiar to everyone, I believe. Video images may appear with different effects due to the lights or your location. To solve it, the filters here provide you with different effects that can enhance the tones of the food, scenery or people who recorded in your video.

Compatibility and price

HitPaw Video Editor is now compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7 (64-bit OS) and its price starts from $ 29.95 for a one-month plan. For more price verification and information, you can visit https://www.hitpaw.com/purchase/buy-hitpaw-video-editor.html.

About HitPaw

HitPaw is an emerging software company specializing in video editing, screen recording, removing watermarks, editing images, making photo enhancement memes, and more. We help users turn their inspiration into reality so that we can generate more ideas for the world to be full of more creativity.

To learn more, you can visit https://www.HitPaw.com/about.html

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