How to Fix Windows 11 Video Editor When Custom Audio Not Working

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  • The Windows 11 video editor is a fully integrated part of the Photos app and is packed with lots of great features, including inserting custom audio.
  • To resolve custom audio issues, it is best to restart the Windows Audio service.
  • Another way to fix the problem is to disable exclusive mode in your PC’s audio settings.


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Windows 11 offers a video editor in the Photos app that works similar to Windows Movie Maker. Windows built-in video editor can be used to edit and trim videos and create slideshows, clips and movies.

The built-in Windows video editor is part of the Photos app and can be accessed through the Photos app or directly using the search bar.

One of the many features of Windows built-in video editor is its ability to automatically create videos from your photos. You can also edit or create new videos manually using the tools available in the app.

The problem with custom audio in the video editor may be related to your Windows audio service, in which case restarting the audio service should fix the problem. If you have encountered any of these issues with your Windows video editor, here are some recommended steps to resolve them. But first, let’s take a closer look at the Photos app.

Is Microsoft Video Editor good in Windows 11?

Photos app’s built-in video editor offers various video creation and editing tools such as motion, effects, music, graphics, and text.

The video editor follows the movie maker and offers easier ways to create and edit videos and images. The Windows video editor allows users to add audio to their videos either by selecting from the music provided by the video editor or by adding custom music or audio.

How to use custom audio in Windows video editor?

  1. Open the Pictures app.
  2. Open the video editor.
  3. Click on New video project to start creating or editing a new video.
  4. Click on To add and select a new video of this PC.
  5. Add your project to the storyboard.
  6. Click on the icon at the top right and select custom audio.
  7. Select add audio file.
  8. Select your desired audio and adjust it as needed based on your video.
  9. Click on Finished to add audio to your video.

Quick advice:

You can use the built-in video editor on Windows 11 for basic editing, but you need to upgrade to professional software for better quality.

Adobe Premiere Pro has state-of-the-art movie editing tools that will enhance your videos. Moreover, there are qualified audio features for smooth sound without errors.

⇒ Get Adobe Premiere Pro

What can I do if my custom audio is not working in Windows 11 video editor?

1. Restart Windows Audio Service

  1. Hurry Windows+R.
  2. Type services.msc in the search field and press Walk in.
  3. In the new window, locate and select Windows Audio.
  4. Right click on it and select to restart.

2. Change sound settings

  1. In the taskbar, right click on the audio icon.
  2. Select Sounds.
  3. From proofreading section, right-click on your audio device.
  4. Select Properties.
  5. Go to the Advanced tongue.
  6. Uncheck allow apps to take exclusive control of this device.
  7. Apply changes.

Windows Video Editor custom audio not playing

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The Digital Theater System (DTS) is another audio output provided by the Windows utility. Although DTS is useful for some projects, it can be the reason for custom audio not responding or playing in Windows video editor.

Disabling this service is a surefire way to fix the custom audio problem.

Windows Video Editor custom audio does not extend

Restarting the Windows Audio Service works perfectly for the Windows Video Editor custom audio does not extend Mistake. However, if you still have the problem, you can convert the audio file from one version to another, changing from one codec to another, for example AAC to MP3.

Unable to cut/expand custom audio file in video editor

Users have also encountered issues where the custom audio file (represented by a long bar) added to a project cannot be trimmed or expanded. Here the bar just doesn’t stretch, which means you can’t edit the custom audio for the video editing project.

In this case, the best solution is to change the format of the video file as the problem may result from the incompatibility of the video file format.

You can also disable exclusive mode from your computer’s audio settings to fix the audio problem with your video editor.

What is the best video editing software for Windows 11?

The Windows operating system offers a variety of video editing software that you can use, depending on your needs and the features they offer. One of the best video editing software for Windows 11 is Adobe Premiere Pro.

Its user interface and creative features put the software at the top of the list of video editing software for Windows. Other video editing software in Windows 11 include Davinci Resolve, Shotcut, Light Works, VSDC video editor, Open Shot, etc.

Finally, if you are having trouble exporting videos with the Photos app, here are three step-by-step fixes.

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