How to use the hidden video editor in Windows 10

Video editing takes a lot of focus, creativity, and most importantly, the right tools to move forward with your idea of ​​how a final video will look. But, sometimes all we need are small adjustments in our videos like cropping, trimming or removing audio. For such small settings, you can download multiple apps. But instead of downloading new apps, you can access basic video editing features hidden in Windows 10’s Photos app.

Here is a quick guide to the Windows 10 hidden video editor.

  1. Open a video in the default Photos app.

    Open the video you want to edit in the Photos app. Right-click and navigate to “Open With,” then click Photos.

  2. Click on “Modify and create”

    Click on the “Edit and Create” option next to the “Share” option at the top right of the screen.screenshot of video editor drop down menu in Windows 10

  3. Select from the drop-down menu options

    After clicking on it, there will be a drop-down menu with lots of editing options.screenshot of Windows 10 video editor features

  4. Cut video

    The “Trim” will allow you to have an annotated environment in which you can stretch the length of the video and easily cut the desired part.screenshot of Trim video in Windows 10 video editor

  5. Make your videos in slow motion.

    Likewise, the “Add Slow Motion” option allows you to slow down the speed of the video. The more you drag the bar towards the turtle, the slower the duration of the video.screenshot of slow motion effect in Windows 10 video editor

  6. Add 3D effects to your videos.

    Using the “Draw” option from the drop-down menu shown in step two allows users to add custom brush sketches to their videos. Users can also add 3D effects by clicking “Add 3D Effects”. screenshot of 3D library in Windows 10 video editor

  7. More video effects

    If you want to add more aesthetic texts to your videos, “Create video with text” is the solution. It allows you to add text in multiple fonts and a variety of layouts.Screenshot of Add text to videos in Windows 10 video editor

These are the hidden video editing features that you can find in the Photos app. Of course, if you need more editing features to edit your video, you will need some other software for that. It’s just for those who just want to use normal features like cropping and adding text to a video and don’t have any video editing experience.

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