Internet users salute the dedication of the videographer who turns around with his subject to capture the best shot

With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, photographers and videographers have found a new opportunity to showcase their work. And sometimes, in their quest for unique content, photographers even have to learn a few acrobatics. This seems true for a videographer whose video was recently shared on Twitter. On Friday, a user named Anu shared Instagram Reel on his Twitter account, which showed Japanese deception artist Kazuki performing one of his impressive stunts on a street. However, the highlight of the video was the accompanying videographer Kazuki recording his stunt in a similar movement.

Videographer Natsuki was seen performing a similar flip on the street as he held the camera to record Kazuki’s stunt. Sharing the video on Twitter, Anu tweeted, “This is the service you get when you feed your photographer.” The statement was a subtle reference to another incident where a photographer deleted the couple’s entire wedding album after being denied food at the event. The Reddit post shared last month said the photographer, who was also the groom’s friend, deleted photos from the event after being asked to continue taking photos without any breaks for a meal.

The recent tweet has received over 6.5 million views since it was shared on the microblogging site last week. The video shows the videographer’s dedication to capturing the stunt with a whole new experience.

However, some users have also suggested that the videographer may have gone too far and could have recorded the stunt by simply flipping the camera lens. In response to the reaction, Anu tweeted in the following thread, “The ‘He should’ve been spinning the phone’ people are so boring, we want the flip or nothing else.”

Hailing Natsuki’s dedication, one user commented, “The videographer is the star of this video.”

Another user discussed how providing photographers and videographers with a professional budget and food would most likely ensure good content. The comment read, “He’s him with just a full plate in his stomach. Imagine what a real budget gets you.

The video was originally shared by Kazuki on YouTube on September 10.

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