Is this the best presentation video maker?

Large projects, homework, or any important task that involves a presentation should be presentable enough to others. While your presentation data is exceptional, it is useless if your presentation doesn’t seem reasonable.

With the help of a PowerPoint presentation maker, you can create the best presentation video for your school or business. With the help of a presentation video maker, you can remove the background behind you while adding the editing features to it, making the video more palatable.

This article explains how to record presentation to PowerPoint with SOOMUS Video Presentation Creator.

SOOMUS – The superlative presentation video maker available

SOOMUS is a supreme video authoring tool which allows users to record PowerPoint presentation with audio and video. There are three main steps to creating a video presentation:

  • This includes a brainstorm where we plan and outline what we want.
  • The second step involves the actual recording, whether verbal or non-verbal, and the third step involves editing the video to make it presentable.
  • The third step is where SOOMUS will help you through everything. This is a free education and business presentation video maker that helps to create any presentation in a professional way. This presentation builder provides numerous templates on a maximum of topics, including topics related to medical, digital and IT fields.

SOOMUS allows you to create a video with PowerPoint by importing it into the recording. This feature of the video presentation maker makes your presentation more lively as you can personalize your presentations and make them more understandable to your students, colleagues and clients.

The Recordings Layout Creator has a convenient and easy-to-use interface that does not require high-level technical knowledge. Making a video is just a matter of simple steps that you can complete with just a few clicks. , you can also connect SOOMUS with different third party video conferencing software such as ZOOM, Skype, Discord, etc., to make your experience more satisfying.

Notable features offered by SOOMUS

We observed the introduction of the SOOMUS presentation video maker in the previous part. Here, we’ll dig into the notable features provided by the SOOMUS presentation creator.

Large number of models

SOOMUS allows you to select the appropriate template from a wide range of templates that best suit your presentation topic. SOOMUS presentation recording software offers template categories in different subjects such as marketing, human resources and medicine. This way, the app saves you time-consuming procedures and you can choose the right model for your subject in SOOMUS.

Presentation mode

SOOMUS offers four presentation odes from which users can choose. Presenter-only mode only displays images from the host’s webcam. Large overlay mode is the default mode, where the host screen covers a large portion of the footage and the other elements are on the right.

In small overlay mode, footage is visible on a small screen, and content-only mode only shows text and screen elements.


The Pointer feature of the video presentation software is available at the bottom of the right pane, which turns blue when you activate it. It also allows you to change the pointer color from the menu. With the help of Pointer, you can easily point out the items on the screen while presenting on the screen and make your point more vivid.

SOOMUS Review: is this the best presentation video maker?


The background feature of the SOOMUS video presentation software helps you virtually create a background during the presentation so that the webcam does not capture non-presentable walls. There is a wide range of virtual backgrounds available that you can choose from depending on the line of work and the purpose of the presentation.

Course recording

SOOMUS includes the recording function which allows you to record the course which you can share with others later. So, you can make online video conferences, presentations for business and educational purposes and record them for watching in the future.

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How does SOOMUS help people in their daily life?

SOOMUS doesn’t lag behind to provide handling in everyday life. If you are an entrepreneur or part of the educational sector, SOOMUS offers its multiple services. Its ease of use in business and education is explained briefly below.


SOOMUS made business effortless for everyone on the team. It allows you to work more creatively and helps share content with members. In addition, it is effective to present your PowerPoint with your face side by side, thus improving attention.

You can also count on SOOMUS to provide the team with up-to-date knowledge, such as sales glories, announcements, and policy updates. SOOMUS is also there for marketing. Data analysis is displayed in reports in an efficient and visual manner.


With the pandemic at hand, SOOMUS is building an interactive online classroom to enhance the teaching experience. PowerPoint can also be imported into video to establish a human connection with students. It has a well-known operation to help students prepare for exams and explain homework to them in an effortless manner.

SOOMUS tariff plans

SOOMUS ‘monthly pricing package offers three options.

  • Basic Plan: It is free and has free virtual templates and backgrounds. You can import PowerPoint from 50M, and 480p quality is available in the SOOMUS base package.
  • Pro Plan: The Pro plan costs $ 7.0 per month and offers pro-level access to over 100 templates and over 1,000 virtual backgrounds. You’ll get 720p HD quality, a live option, and presenter ratings in the Pro plan. Beauty effects and filter effects are also achievable in the SOOMUS Pro package.
  • Pro + plan: It costs around $ 12 per month to access all the features of the SOOMUS Pro + plan. There you will get the commercial use rights and the option of custom watermarks. In addition, the SOOMUS brand is removed in the Pro + level package. What’s more, you can also download the video in MP4 format with beauty and filter effects to enhance the look of your video.
SOOMUS Review: is this the best presentation video maker?

Advantages and disadvantages of SOOMUS:

We discussed SOOMUS’s affordable features and pricing plans while also mentioning the details. Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of SOOMUS presentation video maker.

Benefits of SOOMUS

The SOOMUS presentation video maker has the following advantages:

  • SOOMUS offers affordable pricing plans with lots of useful features at such a low price.
  • You can save the knowledgeable presentation and share it on third party apps with your friends and family.
  • SOOMUS also provides the function of video conferencing where you and your colleagues and remote clients can connect and communicate on important business related topics.

Disadvantages of SOOMUS

SOOMUS also has few drawbacks. Here we will list its disadvantages:

  • Although it is included in the basic features, SOOMUS does not offer filter and beauty effects in its basic plan.
  • SOOMUS is currently only available for Windows users, but its Mac application is under development which will make it easier for Mac users as well.

The bottom line

Free animation programs with recording software are so crucial in today’s life. The article discussed the importance of having video presentation software. We also observed the quality characteristics of SOOMUS and its advantages and disadvantages. By using this presentation software, we can all make our professional and personal life easier and more presentable.

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