iStock Offers A Free Online Video Editor With Many Features

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The numbers are clear. Companies that don’t take advantage of video when marketing their products are missing out. Over 60% of marketers report that video generates more Facebook ad clicks than images, text, or anything else. On Instagram, video marketing ads get three times Sponsored Image engagement. Even organic videos get almost 40% more engagement than the average photo.


People do business with companies they know and trust – and with each passing year, video becomes the go-to platform for engaging that audience, making that connection, and driving those sales.

Of course, knowing something and doing something about it can often be very different things. While many businesses know that video is king now, finding the time, money, and other resources to fuel video marketing campaigns can often be a daunting task.

If you rent, creating videos quickly gets expensive, with videos ranging from $ 1,200 to $ 50,000 and beyond. Alternatively, keeping video production in-house usually means buying apps, paying someone to shoot the video, and then funding the often lengthy editing process.

If video is a must, then both paths can quickly become prohibitive, especially for small startups. Now vendors like iStock are addressing this need by offering a video editing tool that streamlines the entire video creation process into a much simpler and much more affordable option for video-hungry businesses.

IStock’s new video editor can help users trim videos like a pro.

You may have heard of the name iStock before, but you are certainly familiar with the parent company of iStock, Getty Images, one of the largest editorial and stock image companies in the world. IStock’s new video editor brings together all of the features of a leading editor with Getty’s resources into one tidy video suite for cost-conscious entrepreneurs and managers.

Perhaps the most eye-catching selling point of iStock Video Editor is that it’s completely free to use. All users need to do is upload their videos, images, fonts, music, and more and then use all the great editor tools to put together a professional looking video. It’s so easy. Whether the video is destined for platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, or distributed through other outlets, iStock Video Editor offers literally thousands of ready-made templates to simplify production.

From marketing and promotional videos to social media videos, event ads, product and explainer videos and more, iStock can export this video in any format you need.

IStock subscriptions offer millions of video and image options.

Shooting royalty-free videos, photos, and music to help build a video is difficult enough on its own, so iStock also makes it easy to access thousands, if not millions of iStock visuals to add to your project.

By adding a Premium Plus Video subscription, creators can download everything they need – from video clips and illustrations to vector graphics – to finish a polished video that’s ready to share. Their stock clip stock is vast, including exclusive high production value shots like aerial clips, time lapse videos, looping backgrounds, and all kinds of movie quality additions to instantly elevate any video creation.

But whether or not businesses opt for iStock’s extensive stock footage catalog, users can still try iStock’s online video editor for FREE today! Take this nimble editor for a ride for your marketing department’s next project.

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