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Presentation of the position

We are looking for a reliable and seasoned Videographer who will be responsible for the capture, editing and final production of video and images for all corporate events and activities.
The ideal candidate will bring new insights into best practices, identify research needs in the technical space roadmap, actively manage and facilitate communications with stakeholders, and be responsible for supporting ongoing development within the team. ‘team.

what you will do

Plan and execute registration of MAX events on sites
Work closely with the team to support video shoots and editing
Robust upgrade to production equipment including audio and lighting setups
Follow industry trends and practices
Must be familiar with computerized tape editing software and equipment
Identify all the support needed for productions
Must be willing to help other team members with services not necessarily related to video recording and editing
Video recording and post production
Ability to capture film clips and be able to edit them into a cohesive story
Provision of professional information and advice on best practices.

What you will need

Degree in videography or related field.
A minimum of two (2) years of experience in recording, editing and production.
Strong listening skills and team player to get the best results for the team
Proficiency with cameras and other video equipment.
Commitment, dedication and personal motivation.
Ability to multi-task and work under pressure.
Ability to make people who don’t like cameras enjoy being on camera
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Must have a passion and general interest in film recording and video editing
Creativity and attention to detail.
Knowledge of editing software.
Ability to monitor quality control at every stage of production.

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