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Summary of work

Palmpay is looking for a Videographer for its marketing team. Your responsibilities include the use of video cameras and related equipment in the production and editing of video documentaries, educational television shows, or other video productions such as sporting events or scouting videos.

Duties and Responsibilities

Undertake video editing, video illustrations, post-production, videography and other work content.
Responsible for the day-to-day operation of Palmpay’s social media videos, assisting with the completion of video brand standards; production and updating of videos on the company’s website, brand promotional videos, etc.
Designs, transports, installs and operates production equipment, including audio and lighting equipment, for field and studio productions.
Responsible for social media video editing and updating our portfolio apps.
Regularly organize and categorize video content.
Shooting product video material (including external shooting).
Maintain video equipment daily.
Assistance in writing promotional texts and video scripts.
Submission of the annual video production plan, control of video production costs.
Operate video cameras, on location or in the studio, in the production of professional pre-recorded programs.
Perform computer edits of video segments on a variety of tape and digital formats.
Performs troubleshooting and preventive maintenance reports on video and audio production equipment; assists with the maintenance of studio and production sets and properties.
Maintains equipment inventory and field and studio production schedules.
Performs various job related duties as assigned.
Complete other work organized by the department.

Minimum job requirements

Degrees obtained from an accredited institution that exceed the minimum education requirement may be substituted for year-to-year experience.
Must have at least 1 year of experience directly related to the specified duties and responsibilities.

Knowledge, skills and abilities required:

Proficiency in PR, VEGAS, Final Cut, ED and any other video editing software.
Skilled in video shooting, production, to help relevant departments of video shooting support.
Familiar with AE special effects software, planning, production and maintenance of programs/columns/channels/features/video information.
University degree or higher, specialization in film and television production or video editing
Ability to use, maintain and troubleshoot audio and video equipment.
Ability to effectively manage time and schedules.
Records maintenance skills.
Ability to set up, operate and maintain audio, lighting and associated production equipment in the studio and/or in the field.
Knowledge of computerized tape editing applications and procedures.
Knowledge of professional audio and/or video editing and post-production procedures, techniques and standards.

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