Kapwing Pro video editor is now free for teachers and students

Content is king and creating video content has become the most important thing on the internet since, well, the internet. Short video, tutorials, tutorials, ASMR, and the list goes on and on. These days, anyone can pick up a smartphone and trend the latest TikTok if the algorithm deems it necessary. There are dozens if not hundreds of mobile video editors and many social media apps have built-in editors to create your next fan favorite.

Beyond creating the next viral video, creating content without cumbersome video editing software has long been a desire of many educators. Specifically, creating and editing videos on a Chromebook has been a topic of discussion around the water cooler for many years, and luckily there are a few web editors that can offer teachers and students the tools they need. they need to create video content. on Chrome OS. Whether you’re creating presentations, lessons for distance learning, or just helping your students become video creators, there are plenty of great options on the web.

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a wide range of opinions on the best online video editor, but one particular name has consistently landed on most reviewers’ short top ten list. Founded in 2017 as a meme video generator, Kapwing has grown into a robust and versatile online video editing platform. A unique feature of Kapwing is the ability to quickly edit existing videos for different types of social media. You can take a 16:9 video you created for YouTube and with one click change the canvas size to 9:16 so you can upload your video as a reel. Yes, other editors will let you do this, but Kapwing is actually intuitive about it and gives you some handy tools to make sure your video translates well between aspect ratios.

Anyway, I’ll bring you a full Kapwing review a day later. Right now, I’m here to tell you about the latest news. Kapwing has announced that eligible educators and students can now access Kapwing Pro absolutely free. This includes K-12 and college educators as well as all eligible students over the age of thirteen. Here’s what Kapwing found Julia Enthoven had to say about video creation in education.

We were inspired by the ingenuity of teachers at the start of the pandemic. Many of them have embarked on creating video learning materials without any experience in video editing to ensure that their students can continue learning from home despite many obstacles.

Julia Enthoven, co-founder and CEO of Kapwing

Features of Kapwing Pro

  • No watermark
  • Export projects with files up to 6 GB
  • Export projects up to 1 hour
  • Edit and store unlimited content
  • Download SRT/MTB Files
  • Make content private
  • Download custom fonts
  • Export in 1080p resolution
  • Unlimited video transcriptions
  • No limit on the number of folders
  • Unlimited image background removals
  • Ensure visual consistency with Brand Kit
  • Access to all premium tools and features

Kapwing’s free Education tier is available now and all you need to do is go through a quick verification process to claim your Pro account. Sign up below and start creating new content today for the absolutely amazing price of zero dollars. Stay tuned as I spend a few weeks with Kapwing and give you my thoughts on how it performs compared to other web video editors I’ve used in the past.

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