Lego Vidyo is a kid-friendly, augmented reality-based music video maker that uses awesome props

Recently, Lego launched Vidy, a maker of music videos for kids on a safe and secure platform. The app gives children a creative outlet while needing them to apply some practical skills, in order to prepare their stage for their performance.

Lego’s vidyo product target market is 7-10 years old and partnered with Universal Music, so you will have some really popular music to make videos. It is important to note that access to the configuration is not free, you will need a few details to get started. Band members cost $ 5.99 while beatboxes are $ 25.99 per box, although if you shop around you’ll find them cheaper already.

At the time of release, there is a pretty long list of beatboxes to buy:

  • ‘Candy Pop’ in the Candy Mermaid BeatBox (Pop)
  • ‘Pirate Punk’ in the Punk Pirate Beatbox (Punk)
  • ‘Alien DJ’ in the BeatBox Extra Terrestrial Dance Music (ETDM)
  • ‘Party Llama’ in the BeatBox Party Llama (Tropicon)
  • ‘Unicorn DJ’ in the Unicorn DJ BeatBox (K-pawp)
  • ‘Robot Break-dancer’ in the HipHop Robot BeatBox (HipHop)

With the collection of band members including Red Panda Dancer; Cotton candy cheerleader; shark singer; Rabbit dancer; Singer of Discowboy; Genius dancer; Samourapeur; DJ Cheetah; ice cream saxophonist; Alien Keytarist; Banshee singer and werewolf drummer.

With each band member or beatbox, you build your own band (or several of them) to perform. What really impressed me was the simplicity of the platform and I can see how secure it is: there are no real options for communication between users, just posting videos and to appreciate others with “likes”. The beatboxes come with a stack of “beat bits” that give your band mates special moves, costumes, short music videos, funny moves or even video filters.

Making videos – it’s child’s play

My 8 year old daughter figured out the app, without any instruction, it really is that easy. There are visual guides on the screen to help you digitize your characters in order to build your party. Without them the performance is a bit boring, but when you use the rhythm pieces, they provide you with the moves, sound, and visuals for every video you make, giving you – er, your kids … a lot of customization on the video. result you will get from the representation. The content is moderate, so there is no risk that your children will be exposed to inappropriate content.

This is where it gets amazing.

Once you give the app a visual reference to the area you want to shoot in, it defines the position of your characters. This means that you or your kids become the cameraman and can move around the performance area to enhance the augmented reality experience. If you want, you can also be in the video with your characters. This is a really well designed, interactive and fun video maker for kids and parents to enjoy together.

Once you are done creating your video, it is automatically saved to your app. If you want, you can upload it to the Vidyo app for others to share your creations. I have a lot of fun making videos with my kids, so much so that I regularly buy beatboxes and band mates. If your kids are in the target market, chances are you and them will have a lot of fun too.

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