Lego’s Vidiyo is a DIY music video maker for kids

Lego and Universal Music Group (UMG) are teaming up for Vidiyo, a new set that lets seven and ten year olds create their own music videos. It’s a bunch of numbers and blocks that, when scanned into the app, will make these characters burst into song and dance thanks to the power of AR. Naturally, future directors can choose where and how to stage their scene, and can even dance alongside the action figures.

The music is courtesy of UMG’s pop artist roster, with 60-second samples accompanying clips that kids can create and edit on their own. All they have to do is scan their favorite minifigure and run the dual AR from the app, and participate themselves. Additionally, scenes can be enriched with BeatBits, square tiles that, when scanned, trigger special effects like bursts of confetti.

The clips can be reduced to between five and 20 seconds and uploaded to the social feed of the Vidiyo app for everyone to see. Lego has said clips will be moderated before publication, and anything that features a child’s face, credentials or other unwanted material will be blocked. The first Vidiyo sets will land in countries around the world on March 1, with more details to come by then.

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