Live video shows snow leopard tumbling down cliff while hunting

Incredibly vivid footage of a snow leopard hunting on the side of a snow-capped mountain has left the jaws of Twitter users on the ground.

The footage was filmed by Martin Dohr in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia as part of the Apple TV show, The secret life of the big cats.

The video shows the leopard snaking through the snow when it suddenly sees a herd of goats.

The video showed the snow leopard chasing a goat across the mountain. Pic: The Secret Life of the Big Cats / Apple TV

It then flies away at high speed as it jumps into the snow after its prey.

However, as he leaps forward, the goat and leopard fall from the cliff to the snow below.

The video captures the thud of animals falling and sliding on the snow.

The snow leopard and its victim fell from the edge of the cliff onto the snow. Pic: The Secret Life of the Big Cats / Apple TV

The narrator of the video then confirmed, “Surprisingly, they’re both still alive.

“Only by looking at it again is it possible to appreciate what really happened.”

The clip is then replayed in slow motion and shows the leopard and its victim colliding.

“The snow leopard catches only the rear of the victim,” the narrator said.

“Using her heavy cock, she tries to control the situation. Only now does she release her grip so that she can find the animal’s neck and grip firmly with her claws and teeth. ‘

The narrator then confirmed that the snow leopard’s browbones protected her eyes as she tried to find her feet during the fall.

Both animals survived the fall from the snow-capped cliff, the narrator confirmed. Pic: The Secret Life of the Big Cats / Apple TV

He then suggested that, as the cat remained so calm, she may have deliberately knocked the goat down on the side of the cliff.

Speaking to Twitter, one user wrote: “Probably the most literally incredible wildlife images I have ever seen.”

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