Local videographer’s TikTok videos help him and other businesses

MILLERSBURG – When many businesses have been hit by the pandemic over the past year, local videographer Bronson Allison has found a way to mix his brand with many Ohio businesses to help generate interest, du pedestrian traffic and ultimately more business.


Allison’s brand is “Live More” and he produces videos of interesting places to visit. He makes his videos available to the companies he presents and they use them in their marketing.

“I started by making travel videos showing cool places to visit and last year I decided to do a TIC Tac count and post the videos there (@LiveMoreTv), ”Allison said. “They started to be very successful; a lot of people are interested in it.

“Now, using my unique editing technique, I’m highlighting businesses, and the videos have helped drive a lot of traffic,” he continued. “It’s pretty much a win-win situation.”

Allison explained that he charges a fee to produce a video and posts it on his @LIveMoreTv page on TikTok.

“I have set prices for my videos and a company will pay the amount we agreed to, then I will come to their location and film, upload it to my subscribers, and then they will keep the rights to the video at use for their own advertising, “he said.

“I just did a video for Lehman’s and it got 90,000 views,” Allison said. “It’s a new way of doing marketing that a lot of people haven’t taken advantage of yet.”

Besides TikTok, Allison also posts her videos on Clapper, another social media platform. It gained 100,000 subscribers last year in December, and its number has climbed to over 320,000 at this point in 2021. Its page had over 30 million views last year and it has already surpassed it. This year.

Amish Country videos are a big hit

Allison noted that her Amish Country videos are extremely popular and have gotten a lot of views.

“The video I just made of Mount Hope Auction has been viewed over 340,000 times,” he said. “Amish Country stuff is very popular.”

Mount Hope Auction: :https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRBdShCM/

Mount Hope Auction chairman Thurman Mullet said he doesn’t use TikTok, but liked what he saw of Allison’s work.

Allison also made a video about her hometown of Millersburg, just to show how fun the village can be with its two golf courses, bowling alley, airport, many unique shops, brewery and revitalized downtown area. .

Bronson Allison outside the newly renovated clock tower in Millersburg.


“You really feel a sense of community here,” he said. “The trail, the pool and all that new stuff at Deer Run Park like the skate park and the disc golf course. It’s great to see and share with people who don’t realize it’s all here.”

Holmes County Economic Development Board director Mark Leininger gave a glowing report on the video work Allison has done for the county.

“I am very happy with Bronson’s work,” said Leininger. “He did both the video capture and the editing, and did a great job with both.

“The finished product included a great combination of fixed tripod interview footage, really interesting drone footage, and proper background music,” he continued. “The video he created exceeded my expectations. Later, we used Bronson to create a follow-up video to promote the county’s corporate zone program. He did a great job with this video as well. “

A self-taught artist

The 2011 West Holmes graduate worked as a loan officer before deciding to go full-time into the video production business. He said he’s self-taught and most of what he’s learned has been through trial and error.

Allison has been shooting videos for the past 10 years and her work has taken her all over the world.

“I was in Albania earlier this year,” he said. “I like going to places that people don’t normally go. I rented a car and traveled all over the country. It was a great experience.”

It goes to a different city about every week and highlights some of the smaller businesses. He made a video of a business in Loudonville, and the owner of the business was overwhelmed by the volume of business it generated in a single day, Allison said.

“I contact a chamber of commerce or businesses directly,” Allison said. “It generates good exposure, it is relatively inexpensive and it reaches a wider audience than some forms of media.”

A hotel video he shot in Illinois generated more than 10 million views and the manager said they were booked for almost six months after that, Allison said.

It’s not working, it’s living more, says Allison of her videos

Live More TV Logo

“My primary focus is on Ohio, because I’m here, but I can pretty much go anywhere,” Allison said. “I’m known online as the guy from Ohio, but I like to spread it out a bit.

“What I do doesn’t really look like a job,” he continued. “I can see and do funny things, and I can travel. It’s pretty awesome.

“Basically the brand that I created is to inspire people to come out of their homes and discover all the fun things there is to do in life,” he added.

You can find more information about Live More at www.livemoreshop.com.

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