LumaFusion professional video editor is in development for Chromebooks

It seems like every time I figuratively blink another creative power of an app that was completely out of the question for Chromebooks is being developed or natively ported to Google’s operating system. . Chromebooks were once associated with browsing the web and nothing more, but now they really make sense and mature for new industries and new individuals who probably never could or never used them in the world. pass.

Today I woke up to this amazing news: LumaFusion, a multitrack video editor used by journalists, filmmakers and professional video producers to tell compelling video stories, is coming to Chromebooks soon! Check out the creator’s tweet below. On the LumaTouch website, the developers state the following: 2Fogle-com set-to-coming-to-android-and-chrome-os-in-the-coming-months-as-development-start% 2F

This is an exciting extension for LumaTouch. We can’t wait to bring LumaFusion to even more video editors. Details on supported Android and ChromeOS devices, general availability, features, and other details will be available in the coming months.


If you’ve never heard of this video editor, it’s fine, but you’ll see pretty quickly that it’s amazing. Watch this video on Jonathan Morrison’s Youtube channel to see how he has LumaFusion to create a full Dave2D video on nothing but his iPad – no desktop required. While we don’t have any details on how the software looks and feel on Chromebooks just yet, we do believe it will be nearly identical to the iOS version you see in the video above.

Add to that the fact that you have a keyboard and mouse on your laptop and those will likely be fully utilized upon release, and you can start to see that we’ve got something more advanced and useful than most editors. video that are currently available on the platform. The fact that Adobe is dragging its feet and still hasn’t released Rush on Chrome OS is hugely disappointing, but even if it had, I don’t think it would be this feature rich!

LumaFusion has great timeline editing and splicing features, navigation, and tool sets for creating professional videos on the fly. You can fine-tune the audio with Graphic EQ, isolate tracks, and even use third-party plugins. Layer effects, video stabilization, and color correction tools make it easy to create complex clips before exporting your 4K footage to Youtube, Google Drive, or anywhere else.

Anyone who wants to follow the release of LumaFusion on Chrome OS can subscribe to the company’s mailing list. In the meantime, you can check out Kinemaster, CyberLink Power Director, or even WeVideo for more advanced video editing. Once LumaTouch finally launches the Chromebook version of its app, we’ll be sure to cover it and keep you up to date! I’m curious though – how do you currently edit videos on your Chromebook? Are you using a Google Play app or a web app?

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