LumaFusion video editor adds Scopes functionality and more effects capabilities

LumaFusion finally brings some of its most requested features with version 3.1 by expanding the effects capabilities; improved professional color workflow with the addition of scopes to display histogram, waveforms, and vectorscopes in real time; and more.

This new free update is rolling out to iPhone and iPad users this Tuesday. Scopes was teased by the co-founders of LumaFusion a few weeks ago in an exclusive interview with 9to5Mac.

The oscilloscopes work in real time, which means that they can display histograms, waveforms and vectorscopes in real time and in customizable panels on your iPad or iPhone.

LumaFusion editors will be able to immediately see the results of parameter changes and animate them to see the results during video playback. All scopes will work for both High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) color spaces.

In the 3.1 update, LumaFusion is also expanding its effects workflow with the ability to add multiple LUTs and effects to any clip simultaneously. This new feature streamlines and speeds up creators’ workflow while giving them the creative freedom to quickly add a signature to their content.

LumaFusion 3.1 also brings a ton of new features and workflow improvements, such as:

  • The ability to rearrange audio effects for complete control over audio settings;
  • Automatic management of project backups now stores current backups, plus once a day for the last 30 days and once a month for the previous months;
  • The new Project Manager import and restore feature makes it easier to find and restore automatic project backups;
  • Leverages the new categorized and searchable keyboard shortcuts available in iOS 15.

When using Dropbox with LumaFusion, it now shows personal and team folders for accounts with team spaces, and drag and drop works better. There are also other improvements.

Multicam comes alongside LumaFusion

As its creators teased in an interview with 9to5MacMulticam will come in a future update to the video editing app.

“We have been working in Multicam for a long time. it’s not your usual Multicam experience with lots of clicks and switches. In LumaFusion, we’ve taken this feature in a different way where you can add your clips, add master audio, mapping, and more,” said Terri Morgan.

“With LumaFusion, you can come and go and edit content in ways that you can’t in other apps. We give users a lot of flexibility and then we see how the editor will use them,” Chris added. Demiris.

LumaFusion 3.1 is a free update for existing customers. The download is available for new customers in the App Store here and is priced at $29.99.

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