Mac Studio and Studio Display: Our video editor has it covered — here’s why

It wasn’t Apple TV+’s Friday Night Baseball announcement that captivated Laptop Mag’s media production permalinker, Peter Norman – he’s an English lad who prefers cricket matches anyway. The unveiling of the 2020 iPhone SE didn’t do it for him either; he is happy with his iPhone 13 Pro Max.

But when Apple showed off the brand-new Mac Studio and Studio Display during the March 8 “Peek Performance” live stream, Norman’s eyes widened in delight and amazement. He was overwhelmed by an emotion Norman called “Apple envy,” an insatiable desire for shiny new products from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Mac Studio’s stunning performance left our video editor spellbound

Can you blame him? The Mac Studio, a beefed up version of the Mac mini, takes personal computing up a notch with Apple’s most powerful chips: M1 Max and M1 Ultra.

Mac Studio and Studio Display

Mac Studio and Studio Display (Image credit: Apple)

The M1 Max incorporates a 10-core CPU, 24-core GPU, and 16-core neural engine; the M1 Ultra features a 20-core CPU, 48-core GPU, and 32-core Neural Engine. If that sounds like gibberish, here’s the translation: M1 Max and M1 Ultra offer beastly processing power, superb graphics capabilities, and monumental machine learning prowess (the M1 Ultra is the more powerful of the two).

“The Mac Studio is just a processing monster; it’s mind-blowing!” Norman said, flabbergasted after hearing that the Ultra-packed Mac Studio M1 can play up to 18 streams of 8K video simultaneously. “For Laptop Mag videos, we feed a maximum of three simultaneous streams of 4K video (with maybe a fourth 6K content running), but even my stalwart MacBook Air M1 sometimes doesn’t care.”

mac studio

mac studio (Image credit: Apple)

The Mac Studio, on the other hand, has virtually no limits, which means unbridled creativity for our resident video editor. “With the new Studio, the slowest factor in the process becomes your imagination,” Norman said. He agrees that the Mac Studio is overkill for what we do at Laptop Mag, but is impressed with the impact it will have in other industries (eg Hollywood). “In one scene, you can set up every camera angle you can imagine – well, realistically, up to 18 – in the highest quality available today.”

Norman says sports programming should also invest in the Mac Studio because capturing “tons of footage from multiple camera angles in real time” is a necessity. We are sure Norman’s cricket watching will be even more enjoyable in the future.

Mac Studio ports are plentiful

The Mac Studio has a wide variety of ports to meet Norman’s peripheral needs. The Mac Studio equipped with the M1 Ultra has two Thunderbolt 4 ports and an SDXC card slot on the front. The rear has four additional Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB-A ports, an HDMI port, a 10GB Ethernet port, and finally a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Mac Studio Ports

Mac Studio Ports (Image credit: Apple)

The media production manager also raved about Apple’s new 27-inch Studio Display. “It would also serve as a power supply and USB hub which would essentially solve the endless life of my MacBook Air dongle. With the extremely high data rates and processing power of the M1 Ultra, [Apple’s new Studio suite] is like future technology given to us by aliens or something,” Norman said.

Mac Studio’s design is a visual marvel

The Mac Studio’s 3.7-inch-tall, cubic aluminum chassis has a square footprint of just 7.7 inches. Its compact, minimalist and sleek design mesmerized Norman. After all, it takes up very little space and fits perfectly under most screens.

mac studio

mac studio (Image credit: Apple)

For most workloads, the Mac Studio should be quiet. Apple boasts that the Mac Studio has state-of-the-art acoustics (thanks to its smart thermal processes and power-efficient chip). The near-silent and reluctant Mac Studio is an attractive pairing next to the Studio Display’s stately slim profile, according to Norman.

“The design and attention to detail on both is impeccable. You just know the Studio Display’s tilting swingarm will be so gorgeous you’ll want to play with it forever,” Norman said, alluding to the Studio Display’s adjustable tilt. monitor. stand that offers 30 degrees of smooth and effortless recline.

Mac Studio and Studio Display

Mac Studio and Studio Display (Image credit: Apple)

If Norman gets the Mac Studio and Studio Display pair he wants (i.e. the $3,999 Ultra-packaged Mac Studio M1 and the $1,899 Nano-textured Studio Display), he’ll have to shell out nearly of $6,000. Phew!

If he had the money to spend, it would be worth it for Norman. “You know, the new M1 Max MacBook Pro made everything else on the market pale and ugly. Now this new Studio system makes the M1 Max MacBook Pro look really gaunt,” he concluded.

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