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Photographer Ricardo Gomes was on a mission to Lisbon to film behind the scenes when he first met Madonna. She was filming the documentary “The World of Madame X” on her concert tour.

Fast forward two years and Gomes now spends his days following the Grammy winner and her family taking his own documentary footage. Madonna gave her the opportunity to get into the video after seeing her photograph. A self-proclaimed “citizen of the world”, Gomes is based in Los Angeles but travels frequently with Madonna.

Their latest video is a Pride Month-themed video that premieres Thursday at 10 p.m. in Times Square on the NASDAQ screen, and again at midnight. (Residents will be able to find the video online after its release.) The video is titled “No Fear, Courage, Resist.” Meanwhile, Gomes and Madonna (the guest of honor) are expected to be at the Standard Hotel’s Top of the Standard where guests of a private party will also see the film and installation.

Freedom is the theme of the short film, which will be shown to guests of The Standard upon arrival to their rooms as part of the welcome TV message. They can also view excerpts in the hotel elevators.

“M repeated and reinvented what she said from day one of her career. We work around this [idea] – freedom, to express yourself, to be who you are, to believe in what you want to be, to trust yourself, to be attentive, powerful and to love yourself. These are the most important messages. Love is love and everyone should just accept themselves as they are, ”Gomes said. “It’s supposed to be a celebratory video. Now is the perfect time to have this video. We worked on it for Pride for this post.

He continued, “But it’s a message that should be relevant on a daily basis – not just for pride.”

Madonna teased the outing on Instagram with a video of a neon frame that lit up the names of Kaytranada, Honey Dijon, Misshapes and Eli Escobar with “Boom x Pride”. They’re on the front page tonight at Standard. Madonna also posted “God Is Cuming…” to her 16.1 million followers, as did Gomes on her Instagram. He too signaled the release.

Madonna and Gomes worked on the Pride-inspired video with help from Sasha Kasiuha, who directed it. The documentary “Madame X”, which should be released after this summer, is its first director. The photographer entered the video via Madonna, which was “amazing,” he said. The length of the documentary has not been decided.

In the meantime, Madonna and Gomes have teamed up for another launch event that will take place at Standard and Times Square on the Nasdaq screen. After being approached by creatives at the hotel about the prospect of working with Madonna on something “amazing” for a post-containment Pride event, Gomes thought about it and spoke to his boss. He said, “I believe like any other idea with her, if you come up with the right idea, the right concept, the right message, she’ll be in it.”

As to why they work so well together, he said, “Especially in a creative field, it’s very important to be transparent, loyal, creative, to speak your mind and to keep going. That’s what we base our relationship on, I believe. This is how I try to deal with everyone I work with.

Considering Madonna’s worldwide fame and the relentless attention of paparazzi and selfie-seeking fans, filming her seems intimidating. “I have a different relationship than the paparazzi. I respect the space. I try to be creative and fun, because that’s how she likes the workflow to be. Of course, when you are outside, she understands that there are paparazzi and people, who might recognize her and take a picture of her. I don’t think she’s against it. In fact, I believe she survived and lived her life very well in dealing with it. Many celebrities suffer from it. I don’t think she is because she is confident and has a powerful mind, ”he said.

Madonna pays attention to every detail – clothes, hair, makeup shoes, stage, lighting. “For me, it’s being a real artist – wanting to supervise everything.”

Although he is open to new projects and tries to do as much as possible when the weather permits, Gomes focuses all of his attention on Madonna. But Gomes recently photographed model Barbara Pavlin for the cover of L’Officiel Italia. “We took the classic pretty girl away from her and turned her into a more powerful woman. When I’m in fashion, I like to do these projects where I’m able to make women what they are – powerful, smart, sexy, beautiful – a force of nature.

Nan Goldin, David Armstrong and Brett Lloyd are a few favorite photographers “for taking portraits, fashion, snapshots – everything I love about photography,” he said. Adrienne Raquel’s “Onyx” exhibition of exotic dancers at Fotografiska New York recently bowled Gomes for the way the clothes were put together and the lighting. “It really shows that you can be a stripper or a prostitute, whatever your job. It’s so relevant and so incredibly photographed… these girls are beautiful, ”he said.

When asked if he finds fashion inspiring or outdated right now, Gomes replied, “That’s a very delicate question that I have to answer. I have a very specific approach to fashion which is not necessarily fashion. It’s more style which is something completely different. I like the style. I’m not really into fashion, fashion, fashion designers, ”Gomes said. “Even though we can keep it classic and beautiful, we transform it. And sometimes it’s less about the clothes and more about the style, and how you can wear it. You can wear a sweater without putting it on. You can play with clothes. The clothes should be fun to play with. You can dress and undress – have one side and the other not.

Speaking cautiously, he said fashion was slowly coming back, but noted that there was a period in recent years when it wasn’t really relevant to him, or in his personal life. “But it still comes back. I would obviously like to do more fashion work with Madonna and with other people, talents and artists that I love. But I’m not hungry at the moment.

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