Magic Video Maker: Cam Effects by Perfectrix

Turn the world around you into something magical! Get live video effects without green screen.

Integrate FX effects, 3D filters, objects and characters into your videos and images to add a touch of magic to your photos and videos.

Bring living characters to life such as unicorns, ponies, butterflies, snowmen, rabbits, and more. in your local park or living room.

Add animated emojis, face filters, and visual effects like cute falling hearts to express yourself with special photos and videos. Action effects such as explosions, lightning are also available.

To use Magic Video Maker
1) Open the Magic Video Maker app.
2) Scan any flat surface such as floor, floor, table, etc., where you want to place the character or magic item.
3) Select (or add) character / magic using the “magic selector” icon (lower right corner of the screen)
4) Tap to place the character / magic where you want it. (repeat 3 & 4 if you want to add multiple magics simultaneously)
5) Capture a photo or video.

Turn YOUR environment into a magical world and turn your videos into a work of art!

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