Marilyn Manson denies spitting and blowing snot on the videographer

American rocker Marilyn Manson has pleaded not guilty to spitting and blowing snot on a videographer during a concert in New Hampshire.

anson, whose legal name is Brian Hugh Warner, surrendered to Los Angeles Police in July on a 2019 arrest warrant in the case.

The allegations were detailed in a police affidavit which was released along with a criminal complaint.

Manson has been charged with two counts of common assault resulting from the alleged altercation on August 19, 2019 at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford.


Marilyn Manson is charged with assault (Ian West / PA)

Marilyn Manson is charged with assault (Ian West / PA)

The misdemeanor charges can each carry a prison sentence of less than one year and a fine of $ 2,000.

An indictment hearing on the charges was scheduled for Thursday, but a lawyer for Manson filed the not guilty plea in Laconia District Court. A status hearing is scheduled for December 27.

Susan Fountain, a videographer, was in the booth area of ​​the stage at the time of the alleged assault. His company, Metronome Media, was hired by the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion for the concert season.

According to the affidavit, Manson approached Ms. Fountain for the first time, put his face close to the camera, and spat “big lougee” at her. She was hit on both hands with saliva.

Manson would have returned a second time, covering one side of his nostril and huffing towards Fountain.

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Fountain then allegedly put down his camera and went to the bathroom to wash his hands and arms which had Manson’s bodily fluids on them.

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