Meet Landon McBroom’s Friend and Videographer Joe on Instagram


Amid the drama between Landon McBroom and his ex-fiancée Shyla Walker, attention turned to Landon’s friend Joe. So who is he?

Landon and Shyla had a successful joint YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers before they split in early May of this year.

As reported by TMZ at the time, Shyla obtained a restraining order against Landon. Now she has presented allegations in a video titled ‘The Truth’ where she alleged that Landon attempted to kidnap their daughter Souline with the help of her mother and friend Joe.

But who is Joe? Here is more on him.

Landon McBroom on YouTube

Landon McBroom’s Instagram Story Explored

Landon took to his Instagram stories Wednesday, September 29 and shared a cryptic post that appears to show Shyla and their mothers chatting.

Partly matches what Shyla said inside her Youtube video in which she talks about when she and her mother got together with Landon and her mother to discuss the separation of their finances as they went their separate ways.

Landon’s friend Joe shared the same photo on his Instagram and wrote, “We never intended to do this, but now the whole truth has to come out. Goodbye.”

Landon did not directly respond to the cryptic message and did not respond to Shyla’s allegations at the time of posting.

Who is Joe?

Joe, whose name is Joseph Casimiro, is a videographer and director. He became known for creating content for Landon and Shyla’s former channel, This is L&S, and The Ace Family.

In a precedent maintenance, Joe revealed that he was originally from Santa Paula, Calif., And that he came from a Hispanic household.

He went on to explain that he decided to pursue a career as a filmmaker after creating videos for friends at school, parties and other events.

Joe has worked with several musicians such as Tory Lanez, King Lil G and Lil Baby.

He’s on Instagram

As seen on his Instagram account, Joe has been working as a videographer for Landon since at least 2018.

The filmmaker has just 29 posts that include behind-the-scenes snaps from photoshoots with other influencers.

It sits under the handle @joethedirector where he amassed 191,000 subscribers.

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Insecurity | Season 5 Official Trailer | HBO





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