Meet the Omnivore: Videographer Brings Out Digital Walls and Virtual Homes with NVIDIA Omniverse

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Meet the omnivore series, which features individual creators and developers who use NVIDIA Omniverse for speed up their 3D workflows and create virtual worlds.

Pekka Varis’ artistry has come a long way since her beginnings as a self-proclaimed “punk activist” who spray-painted during “Finland’s old-school hip hop era”.

Pekka Varis

More than 30 years later, he approaches the future of graphic design as a videographer who uses NVIDIA Omniversea physically accurate 3D design simulation and collaboration platform for creating dynamic virtual worlds.

His independent video production company hook translates complex technological services into captivating and easy-to-digest video messages or advertisements.

A recent project was an animated advertisement for Artio, an app that brings a global digital art gallery to individual smart devices.

In the ad, a digital family searches for the perfect artwork to liven up their new home, viewing the options on the walls in real time. Plus, parents unbox boxes filled with detailed objects, a child plays with toy blocks, the dog shakes its head and wags its tail – all in a physically accurate way, thanks to Omniverse.

“NVIDIA Omniverse gave me more artistic power and a whole new level of freedom,” Varis said. “It’s a reliable playground where I can contribute great content and focus on creating designs, visuals, variations – all that fun stuff.”

Vivid videography

The Helsinki-based videographer takes viewers through his creative process in a three-part tutorial that details his recent commercial project, in which Artio helps the digital family make their blank walls pop.

Watch the first episode of the tutorial series on demand and below:

In subsequent episodes, Varis covers his animation process with Reallusion Character Creator, along with its steps to lighting and color correction in Omniverse.

Its multi-application workflow – bringing characters to life with Reallusion software and perfecting lighting with Lightmap HDR Light Studio – is enabled by Omniverse connectorsplug-ins that connect third-party design applications to Omniverse, and Nvidia Studio Drivers.

He estimates a 90% saving in time and money by using Omniverse. “With Omniverse Connectors to Reallusion software like Character Creator and iClone, I can quickly and easily create commercial-grade characters that I wouldn’t even have dreamed of before,” he said.

“Natasha”, created by Varis using Reallusion Character Creator and Omniverse Create.

His favorite Omniverse applicationshe added, are omniverse creation – a toolkit based on Pixar’s Description of the universal scene format that speeds up advanced scene composition – and Omniverse Machinimawith which he animates and manipulates characters inside virtual worlds.

“I see myself using Omniverse with every job commission I get,” Varis said. “And I hope my video tutorials will inspire viewers to try using these great tools to create their own works.”

When he’s not creating videos, Varis makes music as a drummer who loves metal, rock and hip hop – and spends time with his six-year-old daughter, his inspiration.

Take part in the creation

Inspired by Varis? Remix and animate characters from Team, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and Mecha Warrior 5 using the Omniverse Machinima application for the #MadeInMachinima Contestuntil June 27 for a chance to win the latest NVIDIA Studio laptop.

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