Mia Plays is an Iranian videographer and YouTube game streamer who brings a new voice to the gaming world

If you’re interested in YouTube or Instagram, maybe you’ve been surfing your favorite games and streamers a lot, or you can sometimes use the same slang or gaming strategy as your favorite streamer while you play.

When I asked on Instagram and YouTube for everyone’s favorite game streamer, Mia Plays was the name I heard the most. She has a friendly, charming and funny characteristic.

She is one of the female stars of Fortnite. She works on new videos almost every day as she wants to upload new videos once or sometimes twice a week to her YouTube channel. His play style is watchable. She interacts with her viewers and clearly explains all of her tactics, so that viewers learn a lot about the game. When you watch her videos, you feel that she makes the game cooler.

Her main goal of opening an Instagram or YouTube account was to share some gameplay, everyday life, and fun stuff, so she considers having this great community for four years as her achievement.

This talented girl is the most watched Iranian Twitch channel although she hasn’t streamed in a year yet, which is a huge success for any streamer.

She started her activity in 2017 and is growing every day. Over the years, she has showcased a different range of games and playstyles in her well-designed social media accounts.

She attracts a lot of attention with her funny videos and advises people who want to start being themselves even though it’s difficult at first, that’s what works best.

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