Microsoft adds video editor with abysmal name Clipchamp to Windows 11

It’s been about six months since Microsoft acquired video editor Clipchamp, and many people were hoping it might signal the return of the much-missed Windows Movie Maker. And that’s – almost – what happens.

In the latest Windows 11 preview build, Microsoft integrated the video editor into the operating system, making the unfortunate decision to keep the terrible name. Terrifying nickname aside, the arrival of Clipchamp is something to be welcomed as it’s a great user-friendly editor that will delight beginners (and beyond).

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Like the new Microsoft Family app, Microsoft describes Clipchamp as an “inbox app” – and they can both be found in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572. The app can be used to use webcam footage, screenshots screensavers and more to create simple yet effective videos using a familiar timeline view.

In the release notes for this insider build, Microsoft says about the video editor: “Clipchamp is our new video editor aimed at making video creation easy, fast, and fun. Clipchamp comes equipped with all the basic tools you’d expect, like cropping and splitting, plus more pro-style features like transitions and animated text.For real-time content capture, there’s also a built-in webcam and screen recorders. “.

The company goes on to say:

But what really sets Clipchamp apart from other video editors is its timeline. Normally, this is a pro-only interface because it offers more control (and complication) than the everyday editor can handle. When it comes to Clipchamp, however, things are delightfully different. We kept all the best parts of timeline editing – the flexibility, the ability to fine-tune the details – and removed the rest. The result is a refreshingly simple video editing experience that anyone can enjoy.

Microsoft is drawing attention to Clipchamp’s library of royalty-free videos, audio tracks and images, its Azure text-to-speech generator that can be used to create voiceovers and integration with OneDrive.

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