Microsoft boosts Clipchamp video editor’s free plan to include 1080p exports

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  • Microsoft’s free plan for Clipchamp now supports exporting videos at 1080p resolution.
  • Previously, Clipchamp users had to pay $19 per month to be able to export 1080p videos.
  • Many were critical of Clipchamp’s previous pricing model.

Microsoft purchased Clipchamp video editor in September 2021. Since then, the company has made Clipchamp the video editor for recent Insider builds of Windows 11. Microsoft may have big plans for its web-based video editor, but many haven’t been able to look past Clipchamp’s pricing.

When Microsoft bought Clipchamp, and even when the video editor was integrated into Windows 11’s video editing app, the maximum resolution for free exports was 480p. It drew quite a bit of criticism, including harsh words from our editor Jez Corden:

Clipchamp thinks 1080p exports are “professional quality” at $19 per month, which is absolutely laughable – I would go so far as to call it offensive. A clown businessman thought $9 a month was good value for 720p exports. Do you remember 720p televisions? Neither do I. Clipchamp does of course, and Microsoft thinks you’re stupid enough to pay for these features that were previously free as part of the Windows 10 and 11 Photos app. For free, with Clipchamp you get “unlimited” badass 480p exports. Oh, how generous. I’ll just fire up TikTok on my CRT monitor and have a blast.

Microsoft has since made a significant change, increasing the resolution of exports through the free Basic plan to 1080p. This puts Clipchamp in line with other free video editors and should calm down the critics.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Clipchamp’s pricing page now lists 1080p (full HD) exports as part of the free basic plan. Upgrading to the Creator plan gives users access to cloud storage and stock audio. The Business and Business Platinum plans offer other benefits, such as brand kit support and access to stock images.

It’s unclear if Microsoft’s change in plans was made in direct response to Clipchamp’s criticism. It’s worth noting that the free plan’s increased resolution came a few weeks after some of the web-based video editor’s harshest reviews.

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